First, some background information:

We are a happily married couple (Wife & husband) who live a 24/7/365 chastity, cuckold, and FLR lifestyle. Sexually, we’re both very submissive, though I (Wife) am my husband’s Keyholder and Mistress. We also have a shared Mistress who we all consider my girlfriend as well. While I have collared Hubby, Mistress has collared us together as a couple. Except for time I spend alone with our Mistress, Hubby and I always play together when we are with any of our other lovers or bulls. More often than not, Hubby (a proud sissy) is completely en-femme for all our sexual encounters and playtime.

Hubby has been in permanent chastity since August 1, 2015. He has not been permitted an uncaged erection or orgasm from penile stimulation in those three and a half years. He does achieve regular “sissygasms” through anal penetration. What follows is the story and pictures of how we recently decided to see how much Hubby’s “dick” has shrunk over the past 3.5 years in chastity, and his new (and most likely final & permanent) chastity cage.

Hubby statred out in a CB-6000S chastity cage. Due to durability issues, we moved on to a Holy Trainer Version 2-Small. The HT V2-S gradually became too large (or maybe I should say that Hubby became too small). When flaccid, he barely filled half of the cage anymore.

We tried to remedy the issue by purchasing the HT V3-Nano, but were disapointed to find that it was also too large. We then ordered the Nub from Holy Trainer. It was the right size, and the name “Nub” was a perfect description. However, it posed cleanliness and hygene issues that were very bothersome. It was finally time to do what we had long discussed; purchase a custom-sized, hand made, stainless steel chastity device that would last Hubby for the rest of his life. We agreed upon a Mature Metal Queen’s Keep.

When the new chastity cage finally arrived 10 weeks later, we couldn’t wait to fasten it on. First though, I wanted to satisfy my own curiosity about just how small Hubby’s “manhood” had become. After removing the HT-Nub, we first measured Hubby flaccid. The result of 1.75″ was pretty much as expected. Now, Hubby loves and becomes very aroused by humiliation. So to that end, I grabbed one of the Magnum condos that we keep on hand for a particular bull. While all of our bulls fuck me bareback, we have one who prefers condoms when fucking Hubby. Since I began to cuckold Hubby I have become a bit of a size-queen. As such, all of our bulls would qualify as “Magnum Sized,” and an unrolled Magnum condom would be a fair representation of the cock size that I have become accustomed to.

With no stimulation except for my verbal humiliation of his “dick,” Hubby soon had a rock hard, raging erection. This was his first uncaged erection in over 3.5 years! The measured results were almost unbelievable. In his peak physical condition as a college athlete, Hubby barely measured 5.5″ at his hardest. Before beginning full-time chastity, he topped out at just 5.” Now though, after a few years of being locked away, Hubby’s “dick” was exactly 3″ long. He had lost a full 2″ in chastity, and was down 2.5″ from his former peak size. He had lost almost HALF his length!!! I was never seriously able to refer to his member as a “cock.” The term “dick” barely sufficed before chastity. Now though, I’ve decided to test drive labels such as “dicklette” and “clitty” (my favorite so far).