Hurricane Taboo’s

Mature/Younger, Flashing/Up Skirts, Voyeurism, Naughty, Kinky, Extreme

Mike and Betsy had swapped driving through the rain for 3 hours on a usual 2 hr trip going to pick up Lewis, he was her stepson by marriage. Lewis had lost it when his dad was sentenced to 20 years in prison on a financial scheme. Mixing in the wrong crowd, he got 18 months in addition to having served 6 months in jail. Lewis’s dad and Betsy divorced but she kept Lewis as family.

She had Mike had been preparing for the 2 hurricanes coming their way. They were concerned about high winds but flooding was predicted. Fortunately, their house was on stilts 16 ft above grade and had never flooded their area above 7ft. They had a home generator, 30 gal’s of fuel, a months supply of food/bottled water and satellite TV/communications. They had been advised of Lewis’s one month early release because of the weather and went to get him from the Prison Farm. They rode speaking of the great changes Lewis had made including his degree in Electronics. Betsy really anticipated having him back. The boys had been close before Lewis went bad but had regained it. Lewis was older but Mike more mature.

They were in Out Processing when Betsy left to use the restroom. “Bro, your eyes are roving Mom, are you forgetting she’s your Step Mom”, Mike grinned. Lewis chuckled, “sorry but 18 months with no females around is Hell. I know who she is but we aren’t related and believe me, the guys I’ve been with are worse! Half of them are banging their own flash and blood”, Mike replied, “I see your point”. They giggled, he added “She’s had 3 husbands and several friends. I guess you see what they did about her being sexy”. Lewis answered “she’s got some middle age spread but still a nice shape considering”? Mike bumped his arm, “Dude, it wasn’t her shape you were peeping”. Betsy walked out as they laughed and said “what”? Lewis said “prison joke”. While she was in the restroom, she thought “Lewis’s eyes are burning through my clothes”. They both knew that her last few visits there, in a minute of weakness, Lewis had fucked her, she was protected by her diaphragm.

She had got a new diaphragm while Lewis was in the local jail. Dealing with him being there, she drank on the weekends. One weekend while in a drunken stupor, Mike fucked her. She woke just as he came filling a condom he wore she thought “Thank Goodness”! She took her time then caught him! They had a long talk and she bargained to let him have her once a week as long as his grades held and he stayed out of trouble. His grades came highest across the board ever, she allowed him to have her an additional time on week ends. She and Mike had been having sex for the entire time Lewis was prison. She hadn’t figured out how to handle both of them but she knew she had to. The Officer came to get Lewis.