Ok everyone. I’m gonna tell you all a story about me that (especially if you knew me and you were reading this story right now) you may or may not believe. I have been a straight guy all my life, trust me I love the way a good, wet pussy feels up against my smooth, hard, black dick. However, with that being said, over the course of the last 6 months especially, I have been asking myself would I ever suck another guy off…? Like Get him out of his pants and just work that dude harder than a rock until he cums all over me? Hell, would he be cumin everywhere or would I just drink the shit out of it? Would I go further than just suckin him? Would I fuck him? Let him fuck me? One thing I’m real sure about is that I KNOW I would let him suck me… Over the last several months I have been puttin up a gallery of my best dick pics and some flicks of when I get super hard and horny and I know I’m gonna be Milkin myself and on pretty much every one of the 4 or 5 sites I’m up on, I have gotten overwhelming response from both girls AND guys (I mean I have met my fair share of girls that couldn’t get enough of me down there) but a guy telling me that I have a sexy dick and telling me the stuff he would do to my dick or that he would love to have my huge loads in his face or mouth or that he would want nothing better than to have every inch of me in him… It’s has really gotten me to thinkin well I know I would let him milk my dick, but would I have been thinking of doing more… in fact if he was good enough to drive me crazy while suckin me off, I would probably let him have his way with me if he wanted… I’d probably wanna fuck him at that point. But I been thinkin about it for so long, why haven’t I done it yet? I know I like the way a dick feels in my hand… Shit, I’m obsessed with my own dick, lol. I get turned on watchin me milk myself all the time. A guy I was chatting with about two weeks ago got really turned by my pics I told him I would make a video of me milkin for him If he wanted to… He said he LOVED seeing my big black dick cum all over and you know what else? I moan a lot (especially when it’s being stroked just right and when I’m about to cum that big load)… He was turned on by that. He requested another video which I did for him last week… Did I mention that I love to be watched? Absolutely LOVE it. Another thing that lets me know that although I’m still in the curious stage about this, I’d probably go all in for it one day soon: I’ve gotten to where I will watch other guys milkin it online until they cum insanely huge… that shit keeps my dick hard… like in the pic below! I will one of these days just say fuck it and go: ‘ ya know what? I feel like doin somethin different, wild… mark me down as someone who likes it wet AND hard’ im gonna do it and I’m gonna have a fuckin blast doin it too. It’ll probably start with me havin a guy ask me to suck my dick… What happens from here? Been thinkin bout it way too much not to almost have my mind made up about it ;-).I Admit It, They Like Mine and I Kinda Like Theirs