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How does it feel to fuck your mother, you motherfucker. She has tasted the cock of her own son, and see how she is lying contentedly. The fucking bitch. She is like a contented pussycat who has slurped all the cream in the bowl. Look at my motherfucking husband. I hate you for what you are. A real motherfucker” my wife spat the word out venomously. I stood shamefacedly near the bed of my bedroom, naked as I was born and my mother was lying naked across the length of the bed. I had just fucked her right in front of my wife, in fact at the asking of my wife. Now all of a sudden she had changed her stance and had started cursing me for being a motherfucker, that I had made myself.

But how did this situation actually came to be. I, Samish, am the only son of my mother Renu and my deceased father Jai Bhosle. My mother is a gorgeous piece of female meat, a horny woman indeed. When I was 18 my father was killed in a car accident. Some drunk was driving and he ran over my dad and then lost control of the vehicle and got himself killed too. The Driver was called Samir. My mother got a nice compensation from Insurance company and we bought a big house where we live today, in the fashionable locality in Mumbai. Soon mom got over the dad’s grief and settled down to resume life.

Three years after the death of dad. I fell in love with Renuka, my college mate, a hot dish. We met by chance. I had forgotten my certificates and books in the library and Rehuka sawthem and came to return them to me and we got talking. I told her about my family and she liked me. All my friends were droolong after her but she liked me better than any one else. She is five feet 5 inches of all hot female flesh. She is gorgeous, nice long legs, ass you could die for, wide hips, firm high tits with big coned nipples. High cheekbones a slightly wheatish complexion. She is very physical woman, a bitch, to be more correct in her description. I didnt make advaances towards her to fuck her as I wamted to marry her. I took her to my mom and she like her at once. My mother hugged her and kissed her cheeks and said she was ready for our marriage. We were married within a month. I met Renuka’s mom Barkha only in my marriage as she taught in school and lived in a boarding. Renuka is the duplicate copy of her mom, although Barkha has gained some extra flesh on the side of her tummy and on her ass. I felt my cock raise its head at the sight of my mother in law’s sexy figure.

After the first meeting of Renuka and mom, she talked about mom a lot. She seemed to have liked mom a lot. I married Renuka ansd went for a long honemoon in Goa. My honeymoon was memorable experience. Renuka did not dress like a traditional hindu wife in a red sari, but clad herself in a sexy transparent light green nighty with nothing underneath. I caught my breath as I saw her. In stead of acting coyly, she acted rather boldly and talked dirty which aroused me beyond all points. I wore a white kurta and pyjama. I lost my head as soon as saw Renuka’s almost naked body and when I touched her, she seemed to melt under my touch. But then she seemed to become a different person altogether. She became brazen and loudmouthed. She spoke in a manner to which I had never been used to. She kissed me furiously and rubbed my hands on her boobs. I was aroused all right but she teased me when I reached the point of touchingher pussy. In fact she controlled the rdwhole scene. She was too much for me to handle. She was proving to be a real tease.