I became her cucki promised her the world but came up short, in more ways than one. I know it’s strange but hear me out. I don’t know if there are degrees to love but we still love each other, she just loves BBC a little more than me. I was out of her league when we started dating and surprised she stayed with me. She was excited when I proposed to her and gladly said yes. We made a commitment to each other to always be there for one another. It didn’t take long for life to become routine and then boring. When we started dating the sex was good. I was pretty new to it so I was always excited, I still am. I recall one evening where she just went through the motions, missionary to doggystyle and back to missionary. She had a rather dull look on her face that kinda bothered me. I quickly came, as usual, then tried asking her what was on her mind. She was just tired. She seemed to be tired all the time after that. So tired she just stopped having sex with me. Months pass and I finally see her attitude pick up and a smile on her face. I was thinking that maybe that evening I’d be getting lucky but close to the end of the Friday work day she sent me a text and asked if it would be ok if she went out for drinks with some of the girls from work. Sure, why not was my response. “I love you and I’ll see you when you get home.” She giggled and hung up. The hours pass and I begin to fall asleep on the couch. It’s 2am now and I hear the front door. She drunkenly stumbled in so I quickly helped her to bed. I tried to make her comfortable by changing her into a pair of pajamas when I discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties and wet marks on the bottom/backside of her skirt and her lipstick worn off. I was very concerned at this point. Jealousy and worrisome thoughts filled my mind and I wasn’t able to fall back asleep. The next day she was back to her ho-hum attitude. I gave it time before talking to her about that night and was going to bring it up the following Friday. I sat around all day trying to think of how to ask her about that night but before I was home I received the same text about the girls going out for drinks. I protested a bit but she went anyway. Same as before she came home late but not stumbling drunk. She kissed me good night and went to bed. I woke up early and waited for her to rise. I brought her a cup of coffee then began fumbling through my questions. She sat up very seriously and told me everything that was going on. My heart sank when she confirmed my fears. Not only was she seeing someone else, she was seeing a man that could pleasure her more than I could ever imagine. I cried, took time to process it all and with my tail between my legs begged her not to leave me. This must be where she realized she had all the power in our marriage. She took time to think about it and spoke with me on Sunday. She affirmed me that she was still in love with me but needed satisfaction in bed. She wanted a man with staying power that would fuck her harder than I ever could. In an effort to save our marriage we compromised. She had me for the emotional and affectionate side and her bull for the physical side. Her secret life now part of our marriage really helped to change things for the better. Our sex life was going down the drain along with her interest in me but now it’s on the up. Not exactly our sex life. Hers is and that keeps her happy. I’ve met her suitors and they often visit her at the house. I give them the respect and privacy they deserve and leave for the time they are here. my wife will call or text when they have left and invite me back home. I always meet her in the bedroom and quickly undress. She tells me the details of the evening, which always arouses me, then instructs me to play with myself. Every so often she giggles or laughs, I guess it’s pretty pathetic, but I always bring her to her final orgasm of the night when she allows me to eat her freshly fucked, creamy and cummy pussy.