I coudnt believe my boss nor could i believe how much money my cut will be after ”closing the deal” a huge IT contract, the kind ive been wanting to close for 2 years
The only downside, the conversation was surreal , i coudnt speak , my boss came closer

”think about all that money, i would do it myself, but he likes younger guy like you”

he gave me the bag and left

I closed the deal
I dress up in the one piece , very cute white naughty lingery and white stockings feeling it make me into a sexy small cock sissy girl

helping the white heels on my feet, my head heavy of thoughts……”money think anout the money” i tried to conviced myself not to run away

i never had pit on make up or lipsgloss, but there i was making my lipse pink and glittering

knowing exactly why iam getting prepared made me think of him in my mouth

”money money….”

putting on the pink gloss and i was ready once i took the brunette wig and look at me in the mirror

i was a cute , sexy , white sissy

i wall nervously , to his office

the place i will seal the deal, with my mouth, Mike the CEO a tall big frame black guy, about to teach me to ”seal the deal”

”ohhhhh Hello my sexy friend, i really hoped you joined me tonight”

i was kissed and groped like a piece of meat he slap my ass and bend me over his desk

”we are going to have dinner , i reserved a nice table you will be my girl for the night”

i was help the one piece ”panty” striing to the side and he spit a huge blob on my ass

”gonna get you ready to go”

it poked and stretch me open, looking back i was watching the older tall black guy fiting a plug in my ass

he like how i moan and squirm as he fit it in and slap it in me putting my string on top

”good girl iam hungry lets go, here get dress ”

that night , sit on my plug at a chick restaurant table in a dress , under it dress like a bitch, listening to him speak about the ”natural” order tell me stories about cute young boy , interns who wear panty at work and are plug by him all day getting ready for when everyone leaves

”i like, i mean i love to help young white boy discover the love of bigger cock”

”i cant wait to see how you suck”

i was helpless and turned into his docile , listening white sissy , the dinner was over and i was eager to taste and see how big he was

just like a good girl he said

”yes baby, wanna thank me for tonight dinner”

I closed the deal 2

i was contemplating his bbc i willingly took him in my hand crawling to his seat