Waking up the next morning was a trip. We were all still nude, I was spooning with her friend, my hand right on her pussy. My girlfriend was asleep by our feet. No clue how that happened. Wanting to get up, I tried to move as slowly and gently possible before I heard a voice-

“Oh finally you’re awake. Last night was AMAZING.”

Her friend was awake. As we whispered about the night we’d had, I couldn’t help but slowly start to rub her pussy and grab her ass. She seemed to enjoy this, as she gave me a look that needed no words.

“Let’s go to the living room. I don’t want to wake [girlfriend] up.” I said.

Seeing her ass move as she stood up and walked to the living room was incredible. It was so thick, with the perfect peach shape. Shutting the bedroom door behind us, I pushed her onto the living room couch and spread her legs. She laughed and asked that I be gentle, explaining that she was a little bit sore from last night. Her pussy was perfect, shaved, and just the right amount of tightness. I ate her out until she was wet, before placing her on my lap.

“Do you think [girlfriend] is going to be mad if we don’t call her?”She asked. “Of course not. When she wakes up she can join us!” I said, secretly hoping my girlfriend would stay asleep.

She slowly lowered onto my cock, with her wet pussy lips gripping my hard cock tightly. As she slowly bounced up and down, we kissed passionately, and I slowly rubbed my hands all over her body. She was perfect, a literal goddess. She kept on riding me until she asked, “The way you fucked [girlfriend] in doggy was really hot. I know we did a bit of doggy, but could we do some right now?”

Without thinking twice, I got her off me and positioned her on the couch. I couldn’t help but give her ass a few slaps, it was too perfect to even describe. I grabbed her hips and started slowly thrusting. “No, it’s ok. You can fuck me hard now, I’m fine!” She said. Following her orders, I started pounding her. Reaching around with one hand I started rubbing her clit, which put her into a trance. She started moaning loudly, causing me to stop and put my hands over her mouth.

“Ssshh! You’re going to wake [girlfriend] up!”
“Don’t you want her to join us?” She asked.
“Honestly, I only want two things right now. You, and that ass” I said.

She smirked and promised she’d try her best to stay quiet. I resumed fucking her, occasionally stopping to kiss her, and primarily to give myself a quick break so I didn’t finish so quickly. Her moans continued, but they were much quieter this time around.

Deciding I wanted to finish while looking into her beautiful green eyes, I flipped her onto her back, and fucked her on the edge of the couch. She positioned her legs over my shoulders, allowing me to penetrate her deeply.