My job gives me easy access to horny female recruits.

I’m So Lucky!I’m the janitor at the Army’s Female Recruit Training Academy on the east coast of Florida. I spend a lot of time keeping the bathrooms and showers clean. Let me tell you, girls can really make a mess in a bathroom! They leave their makeup lying around. They leave their shampoo and soap in the shower stalls. And they drip water all over the floor and never wipe it up.
It’s frustrating, but there is a perk to my job. I get to see ladies in various stages of undress. And to my surprise, they don’t seem to mind and, in many cases, they just smile as if to say, “You like what you see?”
I do like what I get to see and after a few weeks, the girls begin to flirt with me. They either think I’m handsome, or available, or they’re horny. Either way, I can usually get a good fuck out of one or two of them.
But this year there was one particular recruit, Debbie, who came on to me right away. She had long brown hair and a knockout smile. Her T-shirt nicely displayed her ample breasts, which she flashed at me the very first day.
I’m only thirty years old and a civilian, so the Army rules and regulations don’t apply to me. And I’m not impressed with the full-bird colonels and majors and all of their ribbons and medals either. I just do my job and keep an eye out for any opportunity to get a horny recruit alone in a bathroom stall, which has happened many times. To my surprise, many of the horny ones are married. I guess they’re accustomed to getting laid regularly and now that they’re in the Army, their sex lives have come to a sudden halt.
That was the case with Debbie. She was twenty-five years old when she joined and the very moment we met, I got the impression that I’d be fucking her a lot.
I always lock the door to the bathroom and put out a sign, Closed for Cleaning, so I can clean without interruption. But today there was a soft knock on the door. I thought it was some girl who had to pee really badly, so I opened the door. It was Debbie.
She quickly came in and locked the door behind her. “Hi, Sam. I’m really, really horny and I think you can help me out.” Then she threw her arms around my neck and gave me a French kiss that I’ll never forget.
“I would love to help you out,” I said as I pushed her over to the long vanity that had six sinks and six mirrors. We started to hump and kiss and were soon ready to do the dirty, so I turned her around, pulled her shorts and panties down, then my own. She pulled her T-shirt up above her boobs and looked at me in the mirror as I eased my cock into her swollen pussy.
“Oh FUCK! Your cock feels so good! Fuck me hard!”
So, as we looked at each other in the mirror, I put my hand over her mouth and fucked her through two nice orgasms. She was moaning and pushing against me the whole time and at one point, tried to struggle out of my grip.
I was pretending that I was r****g her, which made my cock hard as a rock. I don’t know what she was pretending, but whatever it was, it gave her two intense orgasms.
When I finally dumped my load in her, she moaned as though she loved it. I kept thrusting until my cock was limp and slipped out of her, followed by a flood of cum.
I still had my hand over Debbie’s mouth, so I pulled her head to my shoulder and whispered in her ear, “You are a great fuck, Debbie. Come back anytime you want it again.” Then I massaged her nice breasts as she recovered from her orgasms.
“Wow! That was so good, Sam! I guarantee I’ll be back to get fucked again. And by the way, I know a couple of other girls who are as horny as I am. I’ll introduce you to them next week.”
“Sounds great to me. A guy can’t have too many pieces of ass available to him.”
She kissed me, pulled up her panties and shorts, then quickly slipped out the door.
As I wiped the cum off the floor, I tried to convince myself that I’d just fucked the most gorgeous recruit I’d ever met.
– – – – –
Debbie came back every day that week. Sometimes she’d want me to bend her over the vanity again, but twice all she had time for was a quick blowjob. She’d quickly sneak in and lock the door, kiss me briefly, then drop to her knees and pull my cock out. I would slide my hands into her soft hair, hold her head, then fuck her mouth for only a couple of minutes before I’d fill her mouth with cum. She’d moan and swallow and suck until she’d sucked me dry, then continue to suck me until my cock was soft. Then she’d stand up, give me a quick kiss, and slip out the door.