in front of our bedroom window“Stand up so I can see you,” I said to Rene while I was lying naked and erect on the bed.

Rene stood up off the bed and she had no panties on and her thick bush casting shadows between her legs

“Now stand in front of the window,” I told her.

“Did you hear me, stand in front of the window, pull the curtains wide open,” I insisted.
Rene waited then turned away from the bed and open the curtains.

“What do you see?” I asked.

She looked and replied, “people.”

“Yes, but what do you see in particular?”

“There is a couple watching TV across from us.”

“Spread your legs,” I said.


“Rub your tits,” I said. She did. Then her fingers drifted slowly into her pubic hair. She felt how wet she was and then found her clit. It was soaked.

“Oh yea,” I said. I got up and was stroking her tits and gently playing with her now erect nipples. She enjoyed it! Then we looked out of the window.

“Hey, do you know you’re showing the whole world my tits?” she said.

Rene looked out of the window. There were buildings higher than our buildings nearby. Most of those looked like offices but there were only a couple of lit windows and no sign of anyone. There were a couple of other buildings across the square that looked like hotels and there were more lights there. Rene could see some movement in them, and there was anyone in there looking out? Did she care at this point?

I slid one hand from her tits and round to her back squeezing her ass. My hand moved to her leg and slid up her thigh. I was kissing her neck, one hand was on her tits and the other between her legs.

Then to her delight, she felt the thick head of my black cock against her inner thighs. She guided my cock against her pussy. Rene looked out of the window again as she moved her legs apart and bend forward. My thick hard black dick was at the entrance to her pussy. I slid into her. She was so wet that there was no resistance and I went in almost his full length in one go.

Rene pushed back against me until I was fully in her, and loving the sensation of my thick throbbing black dick inside her pussy. We screwed each other for over ten minutes in front of the window.

Needing no further encouragement I continued started to thrust deeply into her. The sight of her in the window and knowing that someone could look down into our room and see us was a big turn on and from the way Rene was responding.

‘Oh yes, yes!’ She was about to be cumming! I re-doubled my thrusts- the length of my 9″ cock going in and out with only the head of my penis inside of her – and within just a few seconds, as she was still moaning, I came too. I filled her black bred white pussy with my load of thick generous cum as I pushed into her harder, then again and one final time.