Indian Housewife’s First Time With Another ManIndian Housewife’s First Time With Another Man 2Indian Housewife’s First Time With Another Man 3
This story is about how I had sex with a man other than my husband in the past.

Once in the afternoon time, I was passing my best friend Amita’s house. Hence I thought I will go there and say a hi to her. So I went to her place without informing her. I knew that she will be alone since her husband will be at work and her son at school.

When I reached her place, I entered the house since I had a spare key for her house. I thought I will shock her. But it went the other way around. I heard her loud moaning sounds with the sounds of her bangles. It was very obvious that she was having sex with her husband.

I was surprised that her husband didn’t go to work today. I didn’t want to disturb them hence I thought to leave. But, then suddenly I got curious to see how would it feel to watch another couple having sex. Do they fuck each other better than what me and my husband do?

So I tiptoed to the bedroom and to my luck , the bedroom door was slightly open. But I was shocked by what I saw inside.

I saw that Amita was all naked with her hair open and just bangles in her hand and she was riding a dick in and out of her vagina. The shocking part was that he wasn’t her husband! It was Amita’s friend from the gym!!

I got cold feet and while I was trying to leave that scene in a jiffy, I hit a show-piece and it fell down. They both saw me looking at them. Amita yelled, “Close that door Alka, give me 10 minutes, I will be there”.

I closed the door and sat in the living room and the visuals were flashing through my eyes. And I was in a shock that my best friend whom I thought was a very nice lady was cheating on her husband. I could still hear her moaning and finally, they both made huge grunts which indicated that they both have cummed.

After 20 minutes, I saw both coming out of the room. The guy left and Amita was just in her bra and panty. I could see the area around her pussy was wet with cum.

She sat near me and asked me, “Are you alright?”

Me: You should be asking this to yourself. (I shouted in anger). What the hell were you doing? You are a married woman with a grown-up son.

Amita: So what? I am not leaving my family. I love them. What I was doing was just taking care of myself and my needs.

Me: Isn’t your husband there to have sex with you?

Amita: Yes, he is there but then I am just bored having sex with the same man for so many years. I am sure even he is too because everything becomes monotonous. The spark is missing. I am sure even he must be fucking women outside.