One morning, I was dressed in a robe with my underwear underneath, seeing Vinay off. The Bangali laborers were there working down the street, but Jamal had not turned up yet. At the gate, Vinay turned around, wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into a kiss. The workers paused in their work and stared, with looks of disdains on their faces and saying something to each other.

“Look at those guys staring.” Vinay whispered. “People in this town are so old-fashioned. It’s like they have never seen a man kiss his wife before.”

“Ignore them.” I said.

“Yeah, I will, but seriously, such blatant stares. It’s like they are stripping you with their eyes.” he sounded a little annoyed.

The last time Vinay got upset about unwanted attention from men in town, I had been made to pay. I really hoped he wouldn’t do something stupid again. Luckily, he just got in his car and drove off.

I stood at the gate looking at the men. They were staring at me without any pretense now. Where was the need for the pretense anyway? I could also see barely concealed disgust on their faces. In their minds, I was probably a conniving nympho who acted all pristine and loving towards her husband. But when the husband was away at work, earning a living, I was a willing sex slave for their boss. If they felt disgust towards me, it was understandable.

In some ways, it was true. But I really didn’t think of myself as Jamal’s sex slave. Once his “reign” had started, the only way for me to deal with all the ignominy was to tell myself that even if he acted like he owned, my ass, it was only because I took pleasure in it. I had recently begun to understand the depths of my own depravity and in my mind, Jamal was just an enabler who was in the right place at the right time.*

Jamal also had an odd psyche. Even though he frequently kept reminding me how I was just a worthless characterless slut who would open her legs for any man who tried, he didn’t seem to like it if I showed any signs of enjoying myself.*

Once he was fucking me doggy style on top of the dining table. The men were standing across the compound wall watching. Jamal, still intent on enforcing some limits in what he showed the men, had me topless, but had made me keep a skirt on. So the skirt hid my ass and pussy as his erect dick pummeled me. I had my hands on the table, grimacing and grunting as Jamal banged me hard and fast with his hand on my waist grabbing the belly chain, like he usually did. I was feeling particularly randy that day.*

I looked up and out the window towards the men, making eye contact. They were fidgeting and watching, and I saw the mixture of disgust and lust in their eyes. I smiled. One of them smiled back. Such nice lean guys, getting teased on a daily basis. They probably got blue balls with all the teasing. I felt a little bad for them. So to give them a tiny reward, I took one hand off the table and moved it to my side. Slowly, I pulled at my skirt. It moved up my ass, exposing my pulsating round white cheeks to the men for the first time. Their eyes grew big as they saw how big and round my butt was. How the skin on my hips shivered with each stroke. How hard Jamal was ramming me.