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Obviously my husband didn’t know any of these in the first few months of our marriage he fucked me regularly but his small dick was never able to satisfy me on weekends used to take me out for movies and I always liked to dress up in sexy outfits on one such weekends I was wearing a sexy skirt which was just about covering my ass as we stepped in the elevator the liftman greeted my husband and gave me a wicked smile.

There were some other people in the lift which made it pretty crowded. The liftman was standing behind me and suddenly I felt his hand too close to my ass. He was carelessly caressing my ass as if it was because of the crowd in the lift as we were about to get out I turned towards him and have him a slutty smile. This happened several times with the liftman and emboldened by my encouragement he now always used to caress my ass whenever.

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