I wake up and saw the clock it was nine in the morning.
my hubby was not in the bed I went to bathroom and took
warm shower. on showet I was thing abt last night as I
enjoyed alot. but I can feel little but burn in my pussy bcos
of continues fuck. completed my bath and came
out put my cloths for wash on that time I came to
sense abt the hided cloth of rajesh. and I came out
from the room mu hubby was in the hall and he
said that go and call rajesh lets have break fast. I went
to his he was in his bathroom I said he come soon
lets have break fast. after some time all the joined in the dinning table.

Hubby: how r u rajesh and hiw is interview
raj: I m fine uncle. interview is nice and I got selected in this round and next round will be in bangalore.
hubby: so wats your plan today
raj: I have no plans but I m planning to leave tonite.
hub: at wat time train is
raj: it is around eight
hub: ok I ll drop u in the station
raj: ok uncle.
as my hubby was with me full day rajesh was dieing to
have some thing. on afternoon the plan was changed as
we want to go for a marriage function. so we have to
start soon in the evening go to function all three to gether
and want to drop evening my husband manager
came as he wants to sign some files so my hubby asked us to
get ready and he ll be ready after his work. I got ready in
grand saree. and rajesh too got ready with his bags and placed it
in car dicky. Hubby after seeing the files
he went to get ready me and rajesh was in the hall.
Raj: aunty i m going to miss u alot
Me: me too rajesh
Raj: i need to fuck u now
Me: no its not possible ur uncle may find us.
He said pls aunty and pulled me towards kitchen and and lifted my saree and
Removed my panty. And started to lick my pussy.
I was loosing my control at the same time
I was afraid that my husband ll come at any time.
I scream raj fuck me soon he aske me to bend forward on the kitchen table
As he said i bend forward with my dress getting spoiled
placing my hands on the granet bench, made my arse high up,
and made my legs wide spreadas much as possible.
he entered her cunt filling my cunt completely to the base,
and the started fucking rhythmically, holding my ass cheeks
on saree, taking out his cock to the knob and sending back
into my cunt fully touching the bottom of my cunt.
he increased the speed, gradually, fucking in doggy style.
i was reaching my orgasm; i said, fuck me, fuck me harder,
fuckme faster, fuck me, fuck me hard more harder and harder
faster and faster, fuck me You fucker, fuck me my lover,
fuck me my young stud, rip my cunt, rupture my cunt,
my whole body shivering i gripped his cock with my cunt muscles
hard and started squeezing, he was fucking me so fast as
he was going to cum at any time at that time my hubby started
to call me but he was not leaving me he fucking me harder
he came erupted like a volcano, hot lava pouring out into
my cunt, his hot sperm filled her cunt, loads and loads
filling my cunt. my body was shivering with ecstasy.
Now I came to sense and started hearing my husbands voice loader
Adjusted my saree and started to move towards the room.
There my hubby asked what happen where u went I said him that
I was arranging luggages in the car. And he said he was ready and asked
Me to drive the car. Still I was not wearing panty and
cum was was oopsing out from my pussy. I started driving the car and
driving towords the party hall. My hubby was next to me and rajesh was in the back seat.
Rajesh was so sad I can see that through the rear view mirror.
After the party we dropped rajesh in the railway station………………GOT BANGED IN BANGALORE
Next morning i got call from rajesh that he reached safe
and he was horny in the train and shagged in the train
toilet with my panty.he used to call daily after hubby
goes to office we have phone sex online sex too. This continued
for three days and fourth day he said that he got call from the
company in which he attended the interview and he has his next
round of interview in Bangalore on this Monday and also said me that
i m also coming to banglore with me. I said no that its not
possible ur uncle may doubt on us. But he said that ur coming
we can enjoy 2 or 3 days without any disturbance and he said he had
booked ticket for bothon Sunday night. I don’t know wat to do
i planned that one of my friends sister marriage in banglore on Tuesday.
Said this to him and ill be getting bored that next week he ll go to hyderabd
Branch and my son was in my granny home. He said ok for that
As planned rajesh came to our home on Sunday morning.
And went to room to refresh and i took coffee to him.
He got coffee in my hand and placed it in the table.
Grabbed me and hugged me tightly. And started to kiss me
Hardly in my lips i let out a moan i was helpless now bcos
I was missing him he started to squeeze my boobs and slipped
my right hand into my nighty he was surprised to feel that
i was not wearing a panty he never wasted any time and started
pressing his hand softly on my pussy and he made me lie on my back
put his hand inside my nighty started to squeeze and strted
kiss my BOOBS over my nighty I grabbed his hair and started
pulling it he removed his t-shirt and shorts within no time
he just jumped on me and i started moaning he slowly
spread my legs i moaned into his ear n said ” Do it soooonnnn.
I can’t wait.. I beg u. Do it soon” he guided his rock solid dick
into my vagina. he hugged me so tightly that I couldn’t move
my V fucked so hard after a while I was moaning
“I’m goin to cum Fuck me harder and faster” . he soon
reacted n made his thrusts faster n deeper and
his dick spurted inside my vagina it was full discharges from his
dick. The feeling was Ecstatic V both cummed at the
same time n were exhausted. And we got up
from the bed and shared the coffee which was cold.
Wiped my pussy with a cloth and started to move. Rajesh pulled me
And kissed my neck and said me that b ready at 8pm.
And asked me to come in saree I said saree ll b uncomfortable to travel
But he requested me to come in saree. The day went
normal and had small fucking session with hubby at evening
and got ready in saree. We planned to go by call taxi from
home to koyambedu bus terminus. Before starting my hubby
called me inside the bed room. Kissed me and said ur looking so hot
and gave me some money and his credit card. Bcos not get money
from rajesh as he wont have.