My husband is businessman he has his office branch in Chennai and Hyderabad. He spends alternative weeks in Chennai and Hyderabad as far as sex I m fully satisfied by him. But as on going through lot of porn sites and sex stories started to grow more and more. Abt me 34b 32 34 lady with long hair. During sex some time we watch porn We enjoyed our life very well.This incident was happened last week with my husband’s relative who is 15 years younger than me.
That guy name is Rajesh he is from Madurai. Before a week my hubby said that Rajesh is coming to a interview to Chennai he is going to stay here for 4 or 5 days asked to make arrangements for his stay. He came on Thursday I saw him when he was young now he is so handsome and looks so nice. I greeted him and I asked abt the interview he said that its on tomorrow. And I asked him freshen up all three had breakfast and Rajesh went to take some rest bcos he traveled all the way from Madurai.
Thursday went without any thing spl. And on Friday hubby went for a small trip andRajesh went to interview and returned back around 3pm and he said that he was selected in this round and next round is on Bangalore.I asked him to have lunch but he said he already had and he wants to do some shopping I send him with my driver and I said come soon as it was election time u may stuck up in traffic or some problem. They returned back around 6pm and Rajesh said he was so tired and wants to take some rest. Then I asked to give have coffee and asked him to take rest. I went my room and he went to his which was arranged to him. As my k**s was gone to my mom home and hubby went for a business trip there was no one other then maid. I locked the room from inside and started the computer and watching porn.
After some time I heard a knock in the door. I paused the video and went to open the door. I thought it would be my maid to ask abt dinner preparation I opened the door that was him(Rajesh). He said that he was little bored alone so can I use ur pc. I said ok come in. Then only I realized that I was watching porn. Not only that while I was watching I was in saree I removed my panty and it was just under my chair. He went and seated in the chair which I was sitting b4.he was shocked while he saw the computer And then he felt my panty on his leg. I was standing embrassed b4 a guy who is more then ten years younger then me He also got shocked Both were silent.
I broked the ice and said I ll bring some snax to him.He was still silent and I came out from that room and went to hall and called my maid and asked some snax and asked maid to give it to him and I again stopped her.I dint know wat he will b doing there at that time so I took the snax and went to room. My panty was still on the floor but he was watching the porn I went and kept the plate on the table And asked him to take and i came out But he called me and asked to come and sit. I said I have some work u carry on he asked me to sit again but this time in commanding voice. I was shy and afraid I pulled the chair and seated next to him. He was waching porn me too but I was not in the situation to enjoy that there was pin drop silence Time was going I too started enjoying movie is making me hot .I was moving my legs even him movie got over. He turned to me and asked namba seyalama( can v do).
In that situation I m need but I was shock he asking me directly I was silent. He pulled me and started grabbing my boobs on my saree I was burning inside. He stood up from the chair and pulled me up by grabbing my boobs. I was in pain like anything b4 he was that much harsh even tears came out. After I stood up he pushed me on me on the bed. And started rolling my saree upwards. It made me shock again he not even kissed me no foreplay he directly going to pussy.I said no pls door is still open some one may come.
He widen my legs I m begging him to stop But he dint care of my words. He saw my pussy and kissed there first I asked him to close the door pls. He started to lick my pussy he not even removed any of my dress except saree and my panty which I had removed b4
I was shivering with the touch of his wet tongue a soft moan escaped from me.. At same time he Tried to remove my blouse pinched my nipple He sucks on my pussy and pushed his tongue inside me and far as it will go. My breath started to come in short gasps as I fought the urge to slide my fingers into pussy. Slowly he started to tease my pussy. And he started me lick me as never b4 I have never felt this much pleasure in my life. my body shakes and quivers. As I experience the most intense orgasm of my entire life It felt really good. My pussy become full of juice He nicely sucking these juices and make me more excited. meanwhile he was continuously fondling and squeezing my boob’s vigour sly He started licking my clit. He played with his tongue and simultaneously finger fucked me. I was moaning like ahhhhhhh it feels so good Pls dont stop. I was begging him to continueI was moaning very loud now saying raj it feels good..ahhhhhhh pls..plsssssssssssssss.shhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh. I was going crazy with such a pleasure As he continued to suck my clit and urethra I had a very bad need of urinating. I started shivering a little without my knowledge. His hot breath was making me moreand more wet I was enjoying every bit and was out of the world. Even I missed the counts how many time I came I was moving my heaps in madly excitement and crossed my legs around his head tightly. His tongue was moving around and inside my vagina with his leaps he was pulling my pussy skin and sucking and drinking my pussy juice. This was giving me immense pleasure.he licked me like any thing i came again I scream and grab my boobs in excitement I don’t know how the time passed it was almost 1 hour when he started to lick me.
In my lifetime no one has licked me like this I was screaming like any thing. May be my maid too heared me. as the doors were unlocked she would have even seen us. I become nude while I m respinding to him. I was started screaming to fuck me fuck me.Finally he took his mouth from my pussy. My thighs was fully wet and I was shocked to see that my bed wa socked by my juice. I was screaming to fuck me. He was in full dress and he was just staring my nude body.I got angry and shouted him to fuck me
But Still he was thinking if some thing i shouted and asked wat ur thing of. For that he said he don’t have rubber with him. I said I was in safe period I wont get pregnanat .But he is telling me that he wants condom. I was in pick of anger but I m in need fuck badly at that time.And I asked him to open my hubby cupboard where he use to keep the rubber.Finally he took the comdom I asked him to fuck me soon He said this is his first time he don’t know how to wear the condom.I pulled him and removed all his dress but I was shocked.