[Dedicated to A & T (they know who they are), as well as to the ‘real’ Omar, without who’s equal participation, this event could never have occurred! This is a ‘true’ story, though certain details have been altered to preserve the privacy of the three main individuals within this narrative. I wish to that them for the friendship and trust they have shown me in confiding to me the details of the adventure they had.]

Interviewers note: In October of this year (2019), a young married couple from Europe (country of origin will not be identified) decided that rather than having a baby through the normal, typical manner, that they would pursue a very different course; and seek out a sperm donor other than Tomas, and find one through a different venue. They decided on finding a suitable donor from an African male.

The search took several months. Ultimately they chose a 45 year old Zambian married man by the name of Omar. It must be noted that Omar was already married, with two wives, and between them he had fathered nine other c***dren.

After flying down to Kenya, Mara (Tomas’ wife) and Tomas, met Omar face to face for the first time at their hotel in Nairobi. Over the next 14 days of their time in Kenya, Mara and Omar conducted a lengthy series of sexual encounters (with the full support of Tomas), which eventually culminated in Mara becoming pregnant by Omar.

Q. Thank you, Omar, for agreeing to be interviewed!

A. You’re welcome.

Q. I’m not sure just how to start this interview, so let me just start by asking you how you felt about the possibility of becoming a father once again, but with another man’s wife, instead of your own? Did you have any qualms about that?

A. Yes. Well, it was an unusual situation. At the time I was working as a farm day laborer in Kenya. I’ve done this before. It is not always easy to find employment in Zambia, and many men throughout Africa migrate from their homes in other countries in search of work. So my family remained in Zambia while I was in Kenya. So, at nights, after working, I’d surf the Internet, and that’s how I came across Mara and Tomas. At first, I thought they were just joking about looking for an African man to impregnate Mara, but I soon realized that they were serious about that.

Being away from my wives and c***dren, for weeks, and sometimes months on end, I get lonely. So, as I started chatting on-line with Tomas, I became more and more intrigued by he and his wife; and the idea they were proposing. Tomas started sharing with me pictures of Mara he’d taken, and I have to say that she was incredibly beautiful, and very, very sexy. I’d always found white European women very appealing; and I’d watched a lot of on-line porn, so I was naturally excited at even just the thought of having sex with Mara!