It really was but not in the Shakespearean sense but the way we love it here in the southwest. I was out at Tommie’s place which is one of many ranchettes in this beautiful rural desert. Tommie and I first met many years ago during one of my curiosity visits over to the crossdresser section of a now defunct online connection site. By day Tommie is a well regarded home builder who sheds his tool belt after work and retires to this remote area to spend his time as Tommie, a beautiful woman approaching sixty. Tommie is single and has no hangups about sex of ANY sort as long as she is treated as a woman. She treats me as a man which satisfies both of us in every way.
Before I continue I will point out that my profile lists my own orientation which is true in every way. I DO find these ventures of mine as described here at bit close to that boundary but make no mistake I thoroughly enjoy the warm, moist envelopment only a true woman can provide. In most cases the difference is the unending ardor of those like Tommie who CHOOSE to be women. The beauty they create about themselves is truly magnificent. The pleasures they provide is even moreso.
Tommie loves to dance on her patio which is where we spend a lot of time. It’s on the southwest side which affords tremendous sunsets toward the mountains. She keeps her light brown hair about shoulder length which frames her face just right. Her skirts are to the knee.
The clouds were skirting across the sky with lightning dancing intermittently. The sun had just hit the horizon setting the undersides clouds aglow. We were rubbing our bellies closer and closer with Tommie getting the fuller benefits of my very obvious arousal. Tonight was to be another special night. She was wearing her new prosthetic breasts which felt absolutely wonderful as she now knew quite well.
She demurred with her lips but led me to and set me down on a western style leather & wood wide love seat we often shared. Tonight was fashion night where Tommie would treat me to a lapdance wearing the new lingerie I had brought her along with the breasts. I shed my jacket, loosened my tie getting ready for a great routine.
Tommie came back onto the veranda in ONLY the lingerie. She was perfection with her breasts swaying just right. The sultry jazz emanated through the door but I was fully transfixed and heard heard it.She had me by the arms as she circled the chair, roughly pulled back my head and stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. WOWWWW!!!!!. My erection pained me within my trousers. I had NEVER felt such a collection of blood there as right then.
In an instant she was on her knees in front of me untucking my shirt and running her hands down my front.. She stood up, leaned over and again buried her tongue as she undid my shirt and discarded the tie. I was now bare chested except for her face as she licked and nibbled her way downward. My hands were on her back forcing her more against me as if THAT were possible.
She stopped at my waistband, pulled the belt off and opened the front completely. She didn’t not reach inside but stood back in front of me facing the other way and bent from the waste to the slate patio. She was gorgeous from that angle, a firm buttocks and thighs which she kept just out of reach. I sat back to her unspoken command.
Tommie moved backward toward me now upright and gyrating. She moved backwards between my knees finally sitting on my very pained lap. She ground into my crotch skillfully moving my trousers downward until my erection rested against her lower crotch. I was in agony AND ecstasy. It was blissful.
Tommie leaned back against my chest while continuing to grind giving me access to her breasts. My mind knew one thing but my hands felt something else. I was being drawn to an ending I wasn’t ready for and Tommie seemed to sense through my more frantic thrusts. Up she jumped. She moved away, bent over skillfully releasing the bra and contents and then stood facing me with her hands across her breasts. She was glorious.
She swayed back toward me dropping her hands and exposing her flat chest while removing her skimpy bottom. She then stood before me in a way she lets few men see her. I was up, to her lifting her and carrying her into the bedroom and onto the bed. We were ravenous toward each other chewing, licking, kissing and sucking all around our faces. Even the taste of her makeup was exciting.
In an eternal moment Tommie had pushed me onto my back and was again licking her way down stopping only long enough to remove my only remaining clothing, my socks. Licking all my toes and then moving back upward she came to my most pained and sensitive area. She licked around the shaft. She nibbled the shorn head finally fully engulfing it.
IT HAPPENED. I could hold back no longer and she didn’t try to stop me. I think the first spurt hit the ceiling fan but I know where the rest of it went after she regained control. For a full lifetime Tommie continued the suction before releasing me and licking remnants from my shaft and close area. She let me go and crawled back up to my face where she then kissed me deeply allowing some of me out of her mouth into mine.
Of course I dozed off. That’s what we guys do but Tommie was wanting her own fullfillment. She gave me a short respite before her hands began a new manipulation. I’m older now so the nights of continuous fencing are a bit shorter but she got me back where she wanted me, straddled me and manipulated me all the way into her. Looking toward her I could barely make out her own erection bouncing on my stomach as we thrust against each other. She rode me with a fervor but she soon rolled us over onto her back where kissing her at the same time would be easier. We pressed against each other like that for a few moments until she began to thrust and heave intensely spurting against the both of us. The excitement of that feeling, that moment set off me off into her.
We both lay back spent, my own subsiding erection slowly withdrawing from her. In a moment we were dozing only to awaken a few moments later to shower on the patio before returning to a bed now in need of blankets. We snuggled and both slept soundly until roused by the rain from the overnight storm.
As a note Tommie has a net of friends she sometimes visits for an evening. I am the only one allowed to her home as well as the only one not obliged to protection. We are confident about each other not taking risks elsewhere. I list my stories the way I do out of respect for ALL the women I know in this way.