It was about 9:30 pm and i was ready to leave after a fresh shower. Where was i going? My buddy Mike called me about two hours prior and toldme that there was a bonfire that night, so i decided it felt like a good night to let loose. I left my house and got into my car. I didnt even get my keys into the igntion before my girlfrind Allison called me. “Where are you”?, she muttered as my anger level increased. I told her that i was on my way to a bonfire. ” Wow! I cant believe your gonna go to a fire without me”! she said. Itold her that she could come, and what do ya know?, she tells me to come pick her up.As i pull up to Allisons driveway I see her exit the shadows of her porch. She walks down the driveway down to my car, and gets in. Right as I pull away, she starts to bitch at me for not inviting her to the stupid bonfire. I ignore her for about five minute, until she slapped me in the face. “Fucking slut”! I yelled at Allsion at the top of my lungs, almost breaking the strung blood vessels in my neck. I swung my car to the side of the road and came to an utter stop. The forcefrom the quick deceleration forced allisons head to whip against the dashboard, leaving her dazed. confused, and completely out of it. I turned my vehicle off, everything went black. I looked over to Allison, she looked dead. Drips of blood ran down her forehead as she quietly groaned for help. “Should of had your seatbelt on you fucking cunt”! I yelled at her angrily, “Now I gotta deal with this shit”! I pushed my cardoor open and got out. I walked over to the passanger door and opened it up. “Get the fuck out of there whore, your getting blood on my shit”! I pulled Allisons lucious body out of the car, lifted her over my shoulder, and walked her over to the hood of my car laying her body down on the cold metal. My dick grew larger as my hands grasped the big plump titties that lie down in front of me. I tore her shirt off, aswell as her bra, and started sucking hard on her small perky nipples… the taste was orgasmic. She was unconscience, her body was in my possession, i could do what i wanted to her, she was now just a thing. I unzipped her tight jean shorts and pulled them down her legs aggressively….next goes her panties. As blood pumps through my rock hard cock, i decide i can no longer take the urge. I pull out my penis and let it hang as i i grab her legs and spread them wide. My cock thrusts into her pussy, leaving her clit no choice but to drip. The feeling is too good, Icontinue to thrust as fast as i can… until i start to feel it coming . I beat my cock into a pulp. Thick, warm giz bursts out of my shaft splattering all over her bellly. “Ahhhhhhhh”! the relief of busting a nut fills my body with an electrifyiing ecstacy.