[ This is for Jtbm39—who, if I may say so, has a truly great cock. One anybody so inclined would love to have the chance at spending whatever amount of time it took to coax a nice BIG load of sperm out of those equally nice looking testicles! Enjoy, J.T! ]

First thing I need to mention regarding J.T. is that he’s married. Happily married, I hasten to mention. However, though happily married to a very attractive wife, J.T. loves a good blow job; and though not wishing to brag too much, I’m a damned good cocksucker; and so when he dropped by my private, home-based, glory hole the first time, and as I peeked through the opening, and saw that enormous hunk of cock-meat hanging stiffly, and well on it’s way to being fully erect, my mouth actually watered, while at the same time, my considerably smaller cock immediately began to get hard as well!

“Goddamn!” I said, looking at his cock. “That’s one big cock you have there!”

“Yep,” he replied, an unmistakable note of pride in his voice, “my wife thinks so, too!”

“As well she ought to!” Was my reply.

I sat up as J.T. stepped closer to the glory hole, and within seconds he had his cock, and balls, hanging through on my side. My heart was already beating excitedly as I reached out and took his balls in my left hand, while in my right I wrapped my fingers around his thick and heavy cock shaft.

“What do you think?” I heard J.T.’s voice from the other side of the divider panel saying; obviously about what I thought of his cock.

“I fucking LOVE it!” I replied.

Then, without any further delay, I raised up his cock, and leaning forwards, I gave his balls a number of kisses; and then, from there, I worked my way up the underside of his thick cock shaft, till I reached the beautifully shaped glans—at which point I opened my mouth and took as much of his cock as I could accommodate! J.T. apparently liked what I was doing, because I could hear his moan as I started working on that fabulous cock!

Over the next fifteen or twenty minuets, or so, I concentrated totally on giving J.T. the best blow job I could give him. I’d never had such a big cock before J.T., and I was determined to enjoy every last minuet, and every last inch of it! I of course wanted him to end up coming in my mouth (that, after all, is the primary goal of any and all cocksuckers worth that name); but I also wanted the experience leading up to that to last more than a few frenzied moments. It was hard to refrain from letting myself loose all sense of control, but I managed it well enough.

Nevertheless, when J.T. did come, I was rewarded with a huge amount of some of thickest cum I’d ever had the pleasure to receive! Not only that, but, as I said, his load was impressively BIG!!