Jan Part 2 continued.

It had been a great afternoon. I had finally fucked Jan and discovered that deep down she was a slut.
Her explanation of her feelings made sense and we talked again about how all her married life sex was more of a duty.
She had enjoyed sex with her husband ,at times, but basically never felt fulfilled and up until a few weeks ago ,when taking the photos, had never considered or thought of herself as sexual, attractive or desirable, finding it surprising I referred to her boobs as great and lovely.
I assured her in all honesty, she had a great body with lovely tits and great legs and as for sex, she felt sensational.
She was tight, but moist and warm inside and I wasn’t surprised her ex husband and boyfriend only “lasted 2 minutes” as she explained.
She had the pussy of a young woman even a teen.
Sitting on the side of the bed, I asked if she was still willing to go ahead with what we had discussed and I would watch while men used her.
A little hesitant , she asked what men, and were they my friends.
I said it would be anyone I found and some may be strangers, some mates,I wasn’t sure, as this was new to me also, but that I would make sure they were OK and be there when she did it.
I also reassured her if she did not like any man, she did not have to do anything and simply give me a nod or a head shake discreetly and I would handle it from there.
“OK I will try but I cant promise I will go along with anything”.
“Thats fine just let me know subtly when we are chatting with any guys ,and I promise I will skirt around the issue and you wont have to do anything.”
It was late afternoon, I was satisfied and feeling mellow.

Jan was going to the club to meet up with a few friends as they had a 50s rock and Roll dance on Saturday nights, and I was more that welcome to come along.
I agreed but told her I didn’t dance and she surprised me saying that she had danced Rock and Roll for years.
She went of and showered and came out dressed in high heels, black top and a glittery rock and roll skirt, looking quite good.
The evening was enjoyable, Jan danced several times with different men and groups, and was quite a good dancer, whilst I sat chatting with her friends , all the time imagining , as I watched her dance, that I was going to lift that dress and fuck her later.
I had a small twinge of regret that I didn’t tell her not to wear any panties under her dress although later when I told her, she laughed, saying it would have been shocking to everyone as when dancing it would have been obvious she swung and danced her dress would ride up and she would be displaying everything.