This is a continuation of my story and Jan the older church going friend.

Two weeks went by after sending the pictures I had taken of Jan for her to send on to her friends in the chat room.

I had looked at the pictures several times and jerked of to them twice.
The memory of her body stuck in my mind, and although she was not my type, there was something about her that made me wonder what she would be like to fuck.
She was extremely naive and, to me, would not know much at all, and likely be a dead fish.
Jan rang 2 weeks later, thanked me for the pictures and had sent them on to the guy.
He loved them and in turn had shown other guys that frequented their chat room.
I asked how she felt about that.
“Oh I didn’t mind, they were good pictures and now I have several of the men in the room being very nice and friendly”
We both laughed.
” Well you will get their attention, maybe even a boyfriend out of it”
“Nah I don’t think so, most of them are in the UK the USA so don’t think they will travel over just for me”
We had a laugh, and I asked how it felt when she saw herself in those poses.
“I was surprised” She said. ” the men said I pretty good legs”.
I agreed and thought why not push it?.
“Well I enjoyed taking them, you should do some more”
She was quiet for a moment and I thought I may have blown it.
“You haven’t shown those 2 pictures of me giving you oral sex to anyone have you?”
“No . I gave you my word. Those were for me only”.
“Good, thank you.”
She then surprised me.
“I was thinking about doing some more pictures.
“ I was going ask if you would mind taking them”
My cock jumped to attention.
“No not at all, I enjoyed it”
“Well I hate to ask you to drive all the way up here to take them. I know it costs a fair bit in petrol and you never said anything, but I know its not cheap.”
“No its OK, and anyway you paid me “I said.
“I didn’t pay you, I never gave you any money ?”
I laughed. ” No sucking me and letting me cum on you was payment enough”
“It was? That,s strange. I thought about it after you left and felt rather mean that I really didn’t do it much with my mouth. And you ejaculating on my breasts hardly seems much fun for you.”
“Oh your wrong Jan, I enjoyed it, and anyway you let me take the 2 photos doing it”
She was puzzled.
” Why would you enjoy that? Its just breasts, and not like you were having sex”
“Well Jan I have a few little things I really like in sex, most people do, and one of them is tit baths”
“Is that what you call it?”
“Yes, I enjoy doing that, haven’t you ever done that before or had it done?”
“Nope, never” she said.”
“How did it feel ?”
“It was just wet, and like warm water spraying on me. I closed my eyes as you did it and just felt the warm splash, and then it running down onto my stomach.”
I took a chance.
“Well next time you should keep you eyes open as I cum and watch it hitting your boobs and dripping down. You might enjoy it”
She immediately responded.
“yes, I will. I wondered what it looked like when you ejaculated, so would be interesting to see it coming out”.
My cock throbbed. She had not baulked at the idea and said no, not doing it again.
“Haven’t you seen a guy cum,”? I asked.
“A few times when I masturbated my husband. I often did that to save him having sex with me.”
I was smiling.
It was unusual to hear a woman use such old fashioned terms like ejaculate, and masturbate, and breasts.
“What did you think when you saw him cum?”
“Nothing really”, It just sort of dribbled out and went on my hand. Was yukky and then I went and washed my hands”