After servicing the Swanson team from under the table while they ate, Jean and Abby stood flushed with unsatisfied arousal. Between the two of them they had taken seven loads of cum and the orgasmic juices of two pussies. They had received applause that added to the awkwardness for them. Jacob came with their coats just before the door of the room was opened to cover their bodies. Their mouths and cheeks glistened with the mixture of cum, pussy juice and saliva. Their breasts were even more exposed as their shelf bras had shifted during their efforts, and their sheer thongs were plastered to their cunts and pulled into the lips like extreme camel-toes. Jacob had pointed to their chins and blushing they had sc****d cum from there up into their mouths.

Mr. Swanson joined Jacob, Jean and Abby in one elevator while the eight other in the Swanson team took another. During the ride up to the 18th floor where the suite was located, Swanson told Jacob about a fantasy he’d seen on porn sites: seeing a woman walk a hotel hallway in underwear. Jacob looked inquiringly at Jean and Abby through the mirrored door of the elevator. The two women checked each other in the same way, and both shrugged. Walking the hallway in shelf bra, thong, stockings, and heels was the least of what they were doing that night. They both shrugged off their light coats and handed them to Jacob.

As they waited for the elevator to ding at their floor and the doors to open, perhaps encountering an unsuspecting middle-aged couple innocently waiting to go down to the bar, Jean gazed through the mirror reflection at Jacob and Swanson as Swanson ogled the two women, their nipples on full display and their wet thongs pulled into cunt lips. Jean wasn’t checking out Mr. Swanson, though. Her eyes were on Jacob Collins, her boss at Collins Sales, father of the three other sales who were also co-owners of the agency. Jacob, like his sons, was a good looking, handsome, strongly built black man. Also like his sons, he had a hugely big cock. Despite the fact that she and her daughter had just sucked cock and eaten pussy while the people ate dinner and they were now headed for the suite where they would be fucked by all these people, she was imagining ahead, beyond these others, to when she, with her daughter, could enjoy his cock. She glanced at Abby and found her winking when their eyes met. Did she know what she had been thinking? After the cocks they had seen under the table, she was probably thinking the same thing.

Once in the suite, Jacob got drinks for the people while Jean and Abby excused themselves. They stood at the double sink bathroom mirror, their thongs off and discard on the counter as they touched up lip stick, makeup and hair. Abby stopped and gazed into the mirror, looking mostly at their cunts they had just cleaned and dried.