Jean elder sister came to visit for 10 days during xmass time
Jean sister was 6 years older than her, she was very attractive a few extra kilos but still very sharply body, nise big breast, smooth white skin, beauty full face, I liked her from the first day we meet She has been a widow for two year’s very friendly always with me.
Jean told me to be careful about our relationship with her and her husband, she did not want Maggie to know or suspect, I said will be careful durring her stay, Jean said, perhaps I can interest Maggie in replacing me, I know she has not been with a man since her husband died, that would be nice treat for her, you can be her special holiday treat, I said don’t know, if it would be ok with her, She said I know she likes younger men year ago she when she was 40 had an affair with a 27 years old man.) Jean said live it to me, I will think of something.
One night Jean and Peter had to go out with some friends Maggie said she would prefer to stay in and read her book, or watch tv, Jean said if there is nothing on the teli there are some video tapes on the 2nd drower, Maggie asked me to sit with her she made us a sandwich, and open a bottle of wine there was nothing on the tv so Maggie got up and went through the tapes she said their is nothing interesting, but we try our lack and put one of those tapes with no label she handed ne the tape (the old VHS tapes at the time) I put on the tape and sat on the arm chair, she said no no come and sit next to me on the couch, she switch on the video, and I was not surprised ti one of the amateur erotica that Peter used to borrow from a friend, a couple was undressing and touching each other, I tried to excuse, and said let’s find another, Maggie said no let’s watch, it’s a long time since I have seen a stiff cock, and she laughed, we drank the half bottle of the wine, watching the movie, on the screenshe was soon sucking his cock, I was getting hard, and could not hide it, then Maggie said to me Jean told me that one morning she pick in your bedroom and were nude and saw you sexy cock, she then said I want to see it, please and put her hand on my leg and ask me, you like the lady in the movie, I said to her, yes she has lovely large breast, and most of all her shaven pussy, she gigle and said mine is unshaved, but I could shave it for you, would you like that, then she got up remove her rope and stood there completely naked, I just stared at her lovely large breast, pink nipples and hairy pussy, she got on her knees unzip pulled down my pants took my cock in her mouth started kissing licking and et the end took it all in her mouth sucking and her head up and down, I closed my eyes and enjoy the the pleasure this cock hungry woman was giving me for a monent I thought that she is much older than my mother, sudendly my cock erapted filling her mouth, but she did not stop, she continued sucking me and made me come a second time, she got up and kissed me on the mouth, I could taste my sperm in her mouth, lips cheaks, and it tasted good. She then open her legs and asked if I would like to lick her pussy, I said I have been waiting for this all might, I put my head bettwen her legs I started kissing the inside of her legs slowly moving to her pussy, I open the pussy lips with my finger and licked each lip up down sucking then with my lips at same time, I could feel from the sounds she was making that she liked that, then I inserted one second and a third finger deep inside her filling the wetness I was sliding in out my fingers I then replaced them with my tongue, and stated to suck her love hole, my cock was hard again, l got on my knees and as she was sitting I deove my cock deep inside her, and started to fack her slowly and deep as I could, she came and came again and again, I came for the third time that evening, I then stood up she sat up and licked me clean.
It was getting late, Jean and Peter would be back soon she said, let’s go each to our room, I thanked her for the wonderful evening we had she smiled at me gave me a kiss and said the pleasure was all mine it’s been years I felt like this, and said goodnight, and next time I will shave my pussy just for you! Jean elder sister