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My buddy Jason went to the school in the next town over and we grew up together watching porn at each other’s house with his younger brother and a couple other friends so when he started hooking up with his girlfriend he used to take pics of her tits, pussy, and ass and video’s of them fucking and her sucking dick. The other guys would show off pics of their girlfriends too but everyone knew how prude Jennifer was so it was impossible to take any pictures of her. I told Jason that I was going to finger Jennifer on Saturday night down at the park that all of us guys always hung out at. There was this parking spot in the corner of the big parking lot where we had made a little place to hang out in a big bush and you couldn’t see in but you could see out. There was a street light right under the parking spot so you could see everything perfect. He asked if he could watch in the bush and I said sure since I knew she would never know and he and the other guys all showed off so many pics and video’s of their girlfriends, I wasn’t even sure it was going to happen.

So Saturday night came around and I told Jennifer that we were going to a nice restaurant so she wore a nice skirt for the first time on a date and I was so pumped up when I saw it because I knew I was going up it later that night. We had a nice meal and then I went to the bathroom to text Jason that I was coming down to the park and he said he was already down there with the boys, I said the boys? and he told me that his younger brother and our other 2 buddys were down there too. Jason and his brother went to a different school but the other 2 k**s were in my school and a grade behind Jennifer but they were good buddy’s that I grew up with so I said ok but make sure nobody says a word, and then I told them she has a dress on, lol. He said, oh we are ready, brought the lube. I was nervous now that I was about to hook up with Jennifer with my 4 buddy’s watching but was turned on too.