I was just about to get in the shower and wash my dick up when Rebecca—the girl I was supposed to be fucking that night—texted and said she wasn’t coming because her ex-boyfriend showed up at her place. Talk about mad, I was fucking furious. My mind was already set on getting some pussy and she’d fucked it all up. Since I wasn’t getting any pussy that night, I decided to just jackoff and take my ass to bed. But just as I was grabbing my bottle of lotion…
“Fuck!” my roommate James yelled.
I stepped out of my room to see him standing over by the staircase with his phone. “Yo, what’s wrong bruh?”
“That stupid ho Lisa stood me up, Mario. She been hittin’ me up all night on Instagram and was supposed to be coming over so we could fuck, but now she ain’t comin’ because out of nowhere she’s on her period. These bitches play too many games, bruh.”
“You can say that again. Remember the girl Rebecca I told you about from my finance class?”
“That bitch stood me up, too. And she fine as fuck. I was gonna date her ass but fuck it now. I’m not spendin’ my money on a bitch that ain’t either suckin’ my dick or givin’ me some pussy. Real talk.”
“I hear that.”
Me and James lived in a four-bedroom apartment with two of our other friends not far from our school’s campus. That night, our other two roommates Gary and Devon were spending the night with their girlfriends, so me and James were the only two there. I could tell he was just as pissed as I was about being stood up, and that he was even more pissed that he’d have to jackoff to catch a nut that night just like me.
“I did not want to have to beat my meat tonight,” I said with a laugh.
He laughed and said, “Me either, bruh. Looks like it’s gonna be one of them nights though. I’ma take a shower in a little bit and probably handle my business in there. Goodnight, man.”
I went into the bathroom I shared with Devon on our side of the hall and took a piss before stripping down to my boxers. I took a few selfies and sent them to Rebecca to let her know what she was missing. I then took my dick out and started playing with it to get it hard. I snapped a pic of it and sent it to her with the hopes that her ex would see it and flip out on her. The bitch deserved it for standing me up. I couldn’t stand it when girls played around like that. And then they wonder why we dog them out.

Jerking Off Again
Me (Mario)

So after doing all that and she still didn’t reply, I gave up and stepped out of the bathroom. I was about to go back into my room but I noticed James’s door was open and I could hear a woman moaning. I figured he was probably looking at some porn to get his dick hard before going to jackoff in the shower, so I proceeded towards my room. Hearing those moans was really getting to me and my dick started to get hard in my boxers. Something told me to go to his room and see what he was looking at but that would’ve been weird. I’d never been in the same room with another dude while my dick was hard and I was sure he was probably hard too. Still, I found myself heading towards his bedroom.
“Bro, what you in here lookin’ at?” I asked, peeking inside to see him standing at his computer desk with his hand in his sweatpants.
“Oh shit,” he said, obviously startled. “Uh…nothin’ man. Just some crazy ass video.”
“Sounds like porn.” I stepped further into his room and saw he was looking at a scene with two fine ass black women licking on each other’s pussy. “Damn.”
“That shit is sexy as fuck, right?”
“Hell yeah. Look at them titties.”
“The caramel skinned one got a fat pussy.”
“True, that pussy is fat.” I grabbed my hard dick as I watched the screen.