Jess wandered into the kitchen at her parent’s house to pour herself another drink. It was her grandfather’s 80th birthday party and most people were in the garden, enjoying the sunshine and celebrating. Her grandad’s old friend Frank came in and glanced at her. He had been flirting playfully with her for years now, and Jess always enjoyed the cheeky banter between them. “It was my 80th last month and I still haven’t had my present from you Jess” he chuckled with a cheeky grin in his eye.
“Well I had a present lined up but I’m a bit worried your ticker won’t hold up Frank” she replied with a smile.

Jess wore a dark blue one-piece playsuit with a floral print, and high heeled strappy open-toed sandals.
Frank looked her up and down. She was 27 back then, a little over 5’ 11 tall, with long wavy dark brown hair “well that’s a risk I’m willing to take if it means getting my hands on your birthday surprise”. He didn’t hide the fact that he was enjoying the view of her tall, slender frame, her small but firm 34B breasts and her long, exposed legs, so nicely presented in the short playsuit and heels.

Jess poured herself a glass of white wine and said to Frank “can I get you anything?”
“Oh, you could get me a lot of things, mostly into trouble!” he laughed.
“I meant a drink, you cheeky old bugger” replied Jess grinning.
“Oh ok, I’ll have a beer then” said Frank.

Jess wandered over to the fridge and opened the door. There were some cold beers on a slightly lower shelf. Jess was about to crouch down to get one when she quickly changed her mind and purposefully bent over instead, fully aware that her firm round bottom would be pressed tight against the fabric of her playsuit. She loved her flirtatious relationship with Frank, he was a lovely old boy, a really good friend to her grandad, and even though he was 53 years older than her, she always got on well with him. But this was the first time that it entered her mind to offer him a little more.

She didn’t have to wait long for a reaction: “Cor blimey Jess, I wouldn’t mind having that as my birthday present” sighed Frank from behind. Jess smiled to herself. Truth be known she loved the attention Frank gave her, but something inside her was suddenly making her crave more. The fact that he was 53 years older than her and a good four inches shorter than her didn’t even seem like an issue, it was somehow, somewhere in her mind, part of the attraction.
“Having a good look are we?” giggled Jess.
“Oh God yes, looks like my birthday present was worth waiting for”.

Jess stood up straight, turned round with a cold beer in her hand and smiled at the old man “That’s just the wrapping. Why don’t we pop upstairs and I can give you your actual present”
“Oh God, is it really actually going to happen?” sighed Frank.
“It is” replied Jess, giving the old man a warm friendly smile.