Jessy ran off the school bus and headed home faster than usual. Her freckled cheeks wet with tears, blurring her vision. Upon entering the house she dropped her backpack by the door and ran upstairs. She almost slammed her bedroom door but a second thought prevented it. She threw herself on the bed. Her long red hair fell in disarray around her. Feeling around she found one of her stuffed a****ls, Pooh’s friend Eeyore. She raised her head long enough to pull him to her face. “I cannot stand Becky Anderson!!’ she screamed into the fluff filled friend. As she sobbed into him she thought to herself “Sixth grade is not supposed to be this hard.’

Becky was a treat. She could play the parts of great best friend and evil witch with ease. The way she could slip seamlessly into each persona was mind numbing. The first 2 weeks of school it seemed Becky had allowed Jessy into her small fold of popular girls. But Tuesday, of this third week of school, the evil witch reared her hateful self. At recess Becky began to berate Jessy over how she wore her hair. Then she got several students to laugh at her clothes. They wore uniforms to the upper class school. If they all looked alike how could mine be the bad one? Jessy had rolled the question around her head for 3 classes. Lunchtime was horrific. Becky went wide open on how redheads like Jessy steal souls and leave boys broken hearted. The taunting turned into mass teasing as the girls made fun of her freckles and started calling her Spot. Jessy herself was the broken hearted one.

Eeyore had started to calm her down yet she did not realize it. As in the past he had made his way down to her belly. His oddly shaped tail lay close to her face, his head moving slowly to her special place. An old habit crept into her. She sucked her thumb when she was very young but grew out of it. Sometimes but rarely, she would do it again. It never occurred to her it happened when one of her fluffy friends were trying to take her to the place where pleasure calmed her. Eeyore had wrangled his way under her plaid skirt. His face pressed to her cotton Little Mermaid panties. Slowly her two Oxford shoes started to move a little further apart. Her sobbing had all but stopped with only an occasional hitch in her breath escaping. Eeyore found his place in her world. Jessy’s thumb stayed in her mouth even though it was open and breathing heavier. Eeyore’s magic began to take hold of her. She felt the familiar dampness that Eeyore’s magic always brought on. His soft snout rubbed in circles; she could feel the panties between them. “Jessy!” Her mom called out, “I’m home!” Eeyore returned to his sad humdrum self. Rolling over Jessy felt humdrum as well. Humdrum but calmer. She stood up straightened her skirt then her hand u*********sly reached under. Her finger slid into the elastic leg band, touching the moist fold of her smooth outer lip, leaving with a snap before touching her special place. She walked to the bedroom door to go downstairs.