Jock Tales—Senior Year—Got Me a New Dog

The road trip with dad had been awesome. In one way or another, I pretty much got laid at every stop. But—the last was the best. As Brad and me loaded up in the truck at the rest stop on Rt 66, I asked dad ‘could we keep him’. Dad kinda chuckled, and responded “he’s not a puppy, Matthew”.

I laughed back at dad and offered, “well—sure he is dad. He sniffed me, he licked my asshole, he even pissed all over the floor ! Come on dad—I’ll feed him, and take care of him”!

Dad did a smirk, and shook his head back and forth. “Your new friend can stay a while of he wants, but by the time school starts you gotta get him home”.

AWESOME—I just got me a new dog, and a dog is what he was gonna be.

We get back to Tyler about noon Saturday, then dad had to jet right back out that afternoon. Great—alone with my new puppy already. I told Brad to kick back and relax a bit, that I had to go to the store. I return about an hour later with a fresh batch of supplies. Football practice started next week, and I would have to get back to my yards a well, as funds were starting to get low

I had brought some burgers from Dairy Queen, and some beer from the store. We settled down and scarfed down the food pretty quick. I guess Brad was getting excited about his up-coming adventure, but I doubt anything he was thinking was what I had on my mind.

“OK punk—the adventure starts now. From now on, you will be totally naked. You will run around on ur hands and knees. You will go outside to piss n s h I t. You will hike ur leg, and squat on your hind legs, just like a dog. You will not speak—just whine—whimper—yelp—and bark. Now—get outta those sweats, and get on the floor”. As Brad did as he was told, I fished out the new dog collar, and leash from the sack from the pet store. I placed the studded leather collar around his neck, and laid the leash on the table.

Taking a set back at the table, I stretched out my legs, crossing them at the feet. We both still stunk from the road, and my feet were still pretty funky—and dirty.
“Lick um” was all I said. Without hesitation, Brad crawls up to my feet, and sticking out his tongue, begins to lap and slobber at my feet and toes. I couldn’t help but laugh at his ass—he played the part so perfect. I just kicked back with a beer, and let him continue for about 15 minutes. Then I commanded him to suck on my toes, being sure to work his tongue between each one, and ‘get that funk’.

Brad was doing an awesome job, so to the point that I was now getting a bit boned up. I pop open a second beer, then poured a little bit over his head. Then commanded him to move up and get my dick in his mouth. As he approached, he reached up to grab my dick, but I smacked his hand away. “Get ur arms behind your back—dogs don’t have hands. Now get ur masters dick in ur throat, and swallow”. As soon as he did as I told him, I flash an evil grin, and cut loose. I had been holding back since I got back from the stores actually. And now with two beers in me, it was an instant strong stream of my sweet stinkin jock piss.