Joey Becomes My Slave  Part Five   Final Chapter
Mark awoke to Joey on one side and me on the other side and we were kissing and licking his neck to wake him up.
He stretched out and put one of his muscled arms around each of us and said, “Ok, I’m awake and just what do my gorgeous sluts have on those dirty minds?”

I said, “We want to lick you from head to toe Master.”

“Ask me nice and I might allow it.” Mark said.

I put his hand on one of my tits and said, “Please Sir. We would very much like to put a smile on your face this morning. Please.”

Mark looked over at Joey and she immediately said, “Yes Sir, we’ll do anything you want. Anything Sir.”

Mark then said, ” I believe you sluts really do want to lick and suck me. So, show me how a good slut pleases their master.”

We both started to kiss him and we each took turns slipping our tongues into his mouth, and then we kissed each other and then back to Mark. He was french kissing us both, back and forth between us.
I reached down and slipped my hand onto his cock and boy was he hard. Then I reached up and took Joey by the hair and pulled her down to my husbands cock. I had a real hard grip on her hair and forced her face down and I told her “Suck my husband like a slut.”

She said, “Yes Mistress.” Then she opened her mouth and took him in, all the way in.

I still was pulling her hair and working her head up and down and I glanced over at Mark to see if he was enjoying this and he just smiled and winked at me.

I looked down at Joey and told her ” That’s right slut. Suck his cock, worship his hard cock. Do it right or I will whip you. Understand?”

She said, “uhmmha” which I took to mean she understood.
After awhile I pulled her hair hard and got her up on her knees then I told her, “straddle his cock slut.”
She said, “Yes Mame” and did as she was ordered to do.

I grabbed my husbands cock and held it for Joey to wiggle down on.
He was all the way in her and then I told her, “Now ride him bitch.”

She started moving up and down on his rock hard cock and while she was riding my husbunds cock I crawled back up and went back to licking his neck and then licking and sucking his chest.

He took hold of my hair and pulled my face over to his and then slipped his tongue into my mouth. We french kissed for a long time and then he stiffened and bit my lip as he shot a big load into Joey. She continued to ride him up and down until I finally told her. “Enough!”

I crawled back down and together, Joey and I, licked up the cum. We slowly and lovingly licked the master. His balls, his shaft, the inside of his legs. We licked up every last drop and before we were through Mark had another big, hardon.