Joey becomes my Slave - Part OneJoey becomes my Slave

Part One

On the flight back from my birthday trip to Maui Joey asked if we could move to the rear of the plane so she could ask me something? I was puzzled by this but said, ” Okay. ”
After we moved to seats in the back she said, ” Your husband Mark said IF you wanted me, I could offer myself to you as your final and forever, birthday gift? ”
I looked into her eyes and said, “I’ve already had you as part of my birthday gift in Hawaii. What are you suggesting here? ”
She looked nervous and dropped her eyes and then said, ” Yes, Mistress but I am offering myself to you as your property for ever, or until you decide you no longer want me? ”
My mind was taking this in and after a brief hesitation I said, “Mark knows about this? ”
“Yes Mistress. When he set me up to be your driver and stewardess I asked if there might be a permanent place for me as a maid or anything at all? He told me to go to Hawaii with you and think about being your personal submissive house slave and IF it was something I desired, then I should offer myself to you on the ride home. He said it will be up to you and IF you want me we could discuss the terms of this relationship when we are back home? Please give me a chance Mistress. I will do anything to make you happy. ANYTHING! ”
I told her to return to her seat up front and I would think about it. She left me and I pulled out my cell and called Mark.
Mark explained that Joey is familiar with the lifestyle we live and she doesn’t want to return to Korea. She begged me to give her a chance to live with us and become a part of our life.
I could have simply said, ” This is how it’s going to be DeAnn but I decided that you needed to make this decision. Do you want her as your slave or does the proposal make you feel insecure with me? She will be yours, but you BOTH will be sister slaves to me. It’s your call baby. IF you have any interest in this situation I would suggest a 3 month trial and then make your final decision? ”
I told Mark I would think about it and have an answer by the time we land in Denver.
Wow, as a Submissive myself this was quite a lot to consider. I could see that Mark would enjoy this situation but really it would hardly change much. Mark is my Dom, my owner, my husband and in our roles he pretty much does whatever he wants. No, the new thing here is that he is allowing me to make this decision. This is a first and as always I want to do the right thing and keep him happy too. Let’s face it, this has endless possibilites. I realized I was smiling and I decided that a 3 month trial was the only way to go with this.
Joey kept glancing back at me, nervous and hopeing for some reassurance from me. I watched her for awhile with a serious look and then I motioned for her to come back to me.
She jumped up and hurried back to me. I patted the seat next to mine and she sat down and looked at me expectantly.
I looked back and said, “What is in this for you Joey? Why do you want this?”
Joey told me, “My cousin Angel has told me so much about the club and the life she leads here and I discovered I was very much attracted to the things she was telling me about. I have known for a long time that I am submissive by nature. I really love being under the control of a another person. I find the prospect of being a slave very exciting and I’m very Bi-sexual. You and Mark are so attractive to me and the more I fantasized about you and your husband the more my need to belong to you grew. I promise there is nothing that I won’t do to please you. I will say I’m not a masochist BUT I promise to accept anything and everything you desire me to do. You can’t believe Mistress how much I want to belong to you. I’m so excited just thinking about it. Belonging to you and obeying you and your husband is it’s own reward Mistress D.”
I looked into her eyes and saw the sincerity and how eager she looked, then I said to her
I think I will give you 3 months to show me how much you really want to please me and then I’ll make my final decision. So for now, from this moment on, for the next 3 months anyway, I own you!! You will obey me and my husband without hesitation and consider yourself as my property. Do you understand and accept this unconditionally Joey? ”
She quickly got down on her knees facing me and took my hand and kissed it. Then she said, ” Yes, oh yes Mistress. I promise to obey you and worship you and Mark. Thank you so very much Mistress. ”
She actually had tears rolling down her gorgeous face. I was impressed with the level of emotion that had gripped her as she thanked me for the chance to prove her worth as my slave. She was half my age and a very gorgeous Asian girl and here she was on her knees crying because she was so happy to be my slave. Somebody pinch me….This has to be a dream.
So I had her sit on the floor of the plane and lay her head in my lap as I stroked her long black hair. This was going to be so fucking exciting.
I noticed Suzy looking back and giving me a knowing smile. I blew Suzy a kiss and then I told Joey, “Take your clothes off bitch.”
She quickly obeyed saying, “Yes Mistress D.”
I pulled my skirt up around my waist and told her, “NOW, lick my pussy Slut.” I wasn’t wearing any panties and my smooth pussy was was wet and ready.
She again said, “Yes Mistress” and quickly got to it. She was giving me her all and she is very, very good at oral. In no time at all I felt my first orgasm building and then WOW I grabbed her by her long, hair and she found my G spot and brought me to a loud, intense orgasm. Damn, that was fucking good!
She kept licking up my juices and finally I opened my eyes and noticed all the girls and the co-pilot too were staring at us with big grins on their faces.
That kinda turned me on too. Joey never missed a lick and I wondered how many times she could bring me to a shivering climax before the plane landed?
I gave the copilot a come here signal and he walked back to us. Joey never stopped licking my pussy and I said to the copilot, Dennis,
“IF you’d like a blow job Dennis my pet here will be happy to take care of you?”
He unzipped his pants and sat down next to me and he was hard as a rock. I reached over and put my hand around his cock and I told him “Just settle back and enjoy.”
Then I grabbed Joey by her hair, hard, and raised her face up and pushed her down until her lips were touching his cock. “Now suck him slut and swallow it all.”
I was still holding his cock in my right hand and pushing her mouth down over his hard cock with my left hand and then I let her go and settled back myself to watch.
I noticed Dennis’s cell phone in his shirt pocket and I reached over and pulled it out and then began recording a video of this action as a keepsake for him.
Joey was sucking him with the eagerness I was begining to expect from her and he was moaning and saying “Fuck Yeah Baby” and I knew he wasn’t going to last long with Joey working him over with that hungry mouth of hers.
Sure enough his hips bucked off the seat and he blew a hot, sticky load into Joey’s mouth. She continued to suck him and swallowed all he could produce then ran her tongue from his balls up to the head of his dick and got the last drop that dripped out.
Suzy had her cell phone up and was videoing Joey being a good girl for me and I blew her another kiss. She put her phone away and came back and sat next to me.
Dennis told me how great that was and thanked me but didn’t say anything to Joey. I liked that. So Suzy was now sitting where Dennis had been and Joey was still kneeling on the floor like a good girl.
Suzy is very aggressive and has been my Domina on many occasions. She pulled me by my hair until my face was lips to lips with her face and then she said, “What do we have going on here D?”
This woman is so hot I imediately felt submissive in her grasp as I answered her.
I said, “Joey is coming home to live with me as my slave and she’s showing me why I won’t regret allowing her to live with me.”
She said, ” I thought it was something like that. How fucking exciting.”
I replied, “Yes, it is.” Suzy and I started to passonately wet kiss and I told Joey to lick my pussy some more. Without hesitation Joey went back to doing as she was ordered and WOW, I started breathing heavy and had another intense orgasm. Man, this girl knew how to lick pussy and I’ve always been turned on by Suzy’s aggressivness so this was another loud climax.
Suzy was now sqeezing my tits and acting like a horny, wild bitch. I said, “Would you like my slave to show you what a good girl she is?”
“Oh yeah, I definitely would.”
As Suzy hiked her dress up and removed her panties as I told Joey, “Lick her pussy slut and make me proud of you.”
Joey said, “Yes Mistress.” and switched over to Suzy without any hesitation which made me smile. I actually was proud of my new play toy and the power I had over her was intoxicating. Although I am very submissive with my husband I still couldn’t wait to show him how obedient Joey was with me. I knew this would make him proud of me. I also knew our already hot sex life was about to get even hotter. I knew Mark would bring out the very deepest submissive feelings that Joey and I had and I couldn’t wait to be used with my new sister slave.
About that time Suzy was coming onto a major climax and Joey was doing everything she could to make Suzy explode and then she did. Loud and wet. While Joey continued to lap up Suzy’s juices I leaned over and stuck my tongue in Suzy’s mouth again.
This was the best fucking birthday I’ve ever had bar none. There’s nothing like a private chartered flight with all your best girl friends aboard…..Wow.. and I thought the flight home would be kinda dead. I sure didn’t see this coming!
The other girls were watching intently and it must have been more than they could bear because they all started stripping and groping each other and pretty soon it was us watching all of them getting on their nasty. So damn hot to watch a bunch of gorgeous girls getting it on.
I told Joey to sit on the floor between my knees and suck my fingers while she fingers herself.
She quickly did as she was told and then said, “Thank you mistress” as she got her fingers deep into her pussy.
Suzy and I talked and enjoyed the last leg of the flight while Joey continued to masterbate. I’m pretty sure she made herself cum at least 5 times before the “Fasten Your Seatbelts” Sign lit up.
I told her get dressed and then buckle up.
The landing was perfect and then we all deplaned and kissed goodbye and I took Joey’s hand and walked her over to Mark who was leaning up against his restored and bitching 1970 Chevelle SS.
I kissed him a long wet kiss and then I said, “Guess who’s cumming to dinner?”