Jump Me
A work of fiction about sex with a stranger and is intended as entertainment. Like all stories I have written every word of it and the images are those found on abandoned on XH.

I didn’t ask her age, perhaps I should have I thought for a brief moment. But my cock was doing the thinking for me as I watched this cute young blond strip out of her skin tight shorts and pulled her top up exposing her shaved pussy and round tits that begged for attention. Her green eyes seemed to look deep into my soul and knew that my arousal was begging to take her right there in my car.

Just 20 minutes before this it was closing time at my local watering hole and a young woman at the end of the bar had been chatting me up most of the night and had me hornier than a ten puckered Billy Goat. But just as I was fantasizing about suggesting we take a ride a guy comes over from the video machines in the back and glares at me. “Got a problem Buddy?” He asked as she pulled her off the bar stool and headed for the door.

I took my last gulp of whiskey, dropped a ten dollar bill in the tip jar, and left the bar wishing I wasn’t such a fool to get horned up over someone’s wife or girlfriend. Why I let any woman get me so horned up was my failing, but this young woman had a way of looking at a guy that just made me think we could get something going. “But what the fuck old man,” I thought to myself as I unlocked my car, “you are 71 and she is, well who fuck knows how old she was.”

I got into the car and decided to take the long way home by staying on the surface streets instead of taking the expressway as I usually did. I wasn’t under the influence but I sure didn’t need any trouble at this time of night with a couple shots of whiskey still on my breath. I circled around the bar leaving the parking lot and switched the radio on to have some noise in the car.

Not more than a half block away from the bar I approached a big box store that had closed much earlier. I saw a car with the hood up under a parking lot light and a person bent over looking into the engine compartment. There wasn’t another vehicle in the lot and from the slender legs poking out of skin tight shorts I knew it was a woman. I pulled in and using the window control rolled the window down on the passenger side and asked, “Got trouble?”

I heard a voice, “Yes, the damn thing won’t turn over. Can you jump me?” Obviously it was a young woman from her voice and she made no attempt to straighten up. There was something familiar about that form lying half under the hood, the tight blue shorts had ridden up between her ass cheeks and her legs begged to be touched by hand or cock.