At least 2 or 3 times a week my husband and I like to start the day with what we call the JUMPSTART. A nice slow fucking to start the day. But one morning I got more than what I bargained for.

At 5:45 the alrarm went off as usual and I hit the snooze. I knew I was going to need a jumpstart as my pussy had a terrible ache that definitely needed attention. I usually just slide over and massage Big Daddy’s hairy chest and my hand makes it way down to his cock and I jack him off. I love feeling his cock grow in my hand. But this particular morning I really felt like sucking me some cock. So I kissed down his belly pushing the blanket back down as I went. I slid down his underwear and took his limp dick into my hot mouth. As my tongue made small circles on its head, my finger tips lightly tickled his balls. The combination worked well as I felt the head of his cock grow thick and his shaft extended deeper into my mouth. I sucked harder getting him to his full 8 inches of lovemeat. After some sleepy moans I knew he was awake as I felt a hand on the back my head making me taking him deeper into my mouth. I sucked him hard for awhile and then just gave his big purple head some attention.I left his cock and whispered in his ear to give me what I need.

Now as I slid my panties off, I laid on my side as we usually spoonup for the jumpstart. But Big Daddy had other ideas and he grabbed my hips and dragged my ass to the edge of the mattress. He spread my legs wide and I felt his tongue gently licking my pussylips. I tried to tell him we didn’t have time for this but it felt too good to protest. He then buried his face deeper inot my cunt and his mouth took in my love nub. He sucked me hard followed by the nibbles that drive me crazy and makes my body completely his. As he continued his assault on my clit I felt his hands slide under my ass spreading my cheeks. I then felt a thick thumb massaging my asshole. Causing me to moan in protest and want. I couldn’t help but push my ass against that thumb and as I bucked up against Big Daady’s face his thumb slid into my asshole making me cum hard. My legs locking around his head as he lapped up my juices.

Before I knew it Big Daddy had me on my stomach. His hands had my butt cheeks spread and I felt the cold goo of KY jelly being applied to my wanting but scared asshole. As he stuck a finger into me he said that any woman that can suck cock like I did must be a whore so that’s how I’ll treat you. Now dirty talk like that just makes me hotter. He then lifted my ass up and felt his purple head pressing against my puckering hole. He forced it in and I thought he was going to rip me apart. And as he slowly inched his way in I buried my face in a pillow muffling the moans. His thrusts then got steady and the pain gave into pleasure as I started working my ass over his cock and begged him to fuck me harder. He continued calling me his fucking slut as he grabbed the back of my hair and rammed me hard. He let out a harsh moan as I felt his hot cum fill up my ass and it felt soooo good. I collapsed onto the bed, my butt muscles spasming out of control. Big Daddy then spread my ass cheeks and watched his jism leak out my ass and down my pussy. He then let out a chuclke of approval and gave my ass a hardy slap. He then brought me the phone and ordered me to call off work as he wasn’t done with me yet. I did as I was told then drifted off to sleep.