There was something about that 4th meet when everything seemed to go well. 1st of all we arrived at our hotel ready to meet J again for a massage and we were upgraded to the 4-poster bedroom!

S loved the room and we had arrived earlier than normal, so she had a good long soak in the bath and then prepared herself for the evening.

S was still a bit apprehensive, but things were moving on and they certainly didn’t waste time in the bar posing for a couple of very intimate photos there.
After a glass of wine it was S who said that it was time to go to the room!
Although they didn’t seem to want to stop openly kissing in the bar !
June – Is It Tonight?
So, we went up to the room and S & J started to undress each other after more kissing! S was leading the way in getting her lover undressed before K removed her dress.
June – Is It Tonight? 2
They were very passionate again and the setting was perfect, and S soon had him unzipped and trousers round his ankles. J then released the clasp on my wife’s bra, and they were ready to try out the 4-poster bed!

They lay on the bed and started snogging hands all over the place and there was no sign that the rest of her clothes were coming off for the massage… yet.
June – Is It Tonight? 3
J was fingering S as she squirmed and came as they kissed, he gradually removed her panties as they snogged. Once J had her panties off, he was straight down between her legs with his eager tongue! I loved watching and J took a breather and while still between her legs, fingered her wet cunt, S was writhing with desire and suddenly she pulled J’s face towards her cunt again as she came on his face!, she was just so brazen!
June – Is It Tonight? 4
After S came, they were again kissing and cuddling some more, and J was soon naked as they got more and more entwined kissing all the time! As they kissed and cuddled it was obvious that J’s cock was rubbing against her pussy! They were so close !

J then started to remove the rest of S’s lingerie ready for the massage. After she was naked, S lay back and looked straight at me, the look in her eyes was – “I want him to fuck me!”.

June – Is It Tonight? 5
I was so excited I could see her checking that I was OK, and I signalled to her and smiled.

I was not sure if J knew that S wanted him to fuck her, so wondered how she would make it clear! As he went to get the oil for the massage, she stopped him and started playing with his cock, her legs wide open she got him hard. She lay back pulling him onto her and J got the message loud and clear and put his hand down to guide his cock into my wife!

They looked straight into each other’s eyes as he slid his cock deep into her wet cunt… I was in heaven! The feeling was so sexy a mix of extreme jealousy and full turn on!
June – Is It Tonight? 6
I tried my best to hold the video camera still! As J thrust into S, they both were in throws of passion. It was not long before he grunted and shot his cum deep into my wife’s cunt and she sighed and called as she came!
June – Is It Tonight? 7
I of course came on the spot watching them.