Sex Crazed Bad Boy.

Justin’s StoryBy Chris “Nasty” Hicks

Part 1 (Love at 1st Gigabyte)

My name is Justin Polton, but I go by J.P. I’m 31 now, but the story I’m about to tell you started when I was only 23. I’m a half white, half black, handsome Motherfucker. I’m about 6 foot tall, clean shaven, with short brown hair, and a fucked up attitude. But, can you blame me? I’m fucking rich.

Well, anyway! here’s the story of the last 8 years of my life. And I warn you in advance, it’s some real graphic shit in it.

It all started when I met an extremely wealthy, And extremely fat, sexy blonde white mature on the Internet! She was 57 with a huge rack and wide mature hips. Her booty was big, and soft, and it jiggled when she walked. Her face was cute, but nothing special; but still, she was one nasty, gas releasing fat nasty bitch.

Her family had money, so aside from college, she had never really done anything special with her life. She had always been looked after, first by her parents, and then by her husband; but now that her parents are dead, and a nasty recent divorce, she was ready to release her inner slut. 

She started looking around online,

For some nasty excitement. Her preference seemed to be guys 22 to 25 years of age, and girls 21 to 27.

We met shortly after her new found freedom, in an adult chatroom; the room was labeled “horny white cougars” 

We talked for days, and soon became very tight; fucking almost every night. 

She loved to fart and be as nasty as I wanted her to be. Trust me she was good. She could basically rip out loud and disgusting farts almost on demand; it drove me wild. Soon after visiting her house almost every night, we decided to move in with each other. 

We rented a large 1 bedroom apartment about 10 miles outside of the city.

 The neighbors all figured she was my mom; because of the difference in age. So we both decided, for the sake of avoiding neighborhood gossip, we’d let everyone continue to think just that. So I began calling her mom, and she started  calling me son. She never had biological kids, and I think my new pretend mommie really enjoyed this twisted and perverted game we were both playing.

 I soon quit my job of 6 years, selling hot dog’s on the street, for my dick wod father, and became a full time boy toy. She took good care of me; so I took even better care of her!

I went from walking, to a jag, and from dickie’s to Armani.

We Went on trips, ate at fancy restaurants, Fucked in exotic places.

I soon developed a nasty coke habit, for no other reason, other than, that I could afford the shit

That was the beginning of the end for me, but at the time, I just didn’t fucking know it!