Dedicated to Tiffany

The early years were beautiful for Keyano. Many days were spent along the shore with his mother and two older sisters. However, it didn’t take him long to know he was quite different from his family. His skin was slightly darker, and his features were exceptionally soft and smooth. He later learned that his father was a soldier and was killed during the war. With the US presence dissipating in the region, Keyano’s mom found it hard to feed a family of three, and so she sold her body to put food on the table and a roof over her family’s head, but things continued to deteriorate for the family, when the local thugs made their rounds, demanding money for so-called protection against themselves. most of the time his mother managed to pay them off, but there were times when she came up short and their leader proposed that his mother lend them Keyano in exchange for payment. His mother conceded and gave partial guardianship to the thug soldiers over her son. The thugs dressed up Keyano like a girl and they changed his name to Kyana. The soldier thugs taught Kyana everything about being a girly boy.
One day a US diplomat, a government official visited their village. This man Gunther met Kyana’s mother and they started having frequent sexual encounters and eventually fell in love. This man really loved Kyana’s mother and gave her money to help support her family, but things changed when the thug soldiers arrived. His mother Kimi offered money as payment, but they rejected the offer and demanded Kyana as payment. Once her mother refused, they left with a threat to return and kill their entire family. Kimi contacted the American Black man, and he told Kimi to gather the c***dren and make it to a friendly, safe house where he would meet and take them to the American Embassy that night. Kimi led her family out of the village and through the jungle but before she could reach the friendly place not far from the US Embassy, things fell apart. Both her daughters were in love with two of the thug soldiers and informed them of their mother’s intentions. Nevertheless, Kimi and Keyano escaped into the jungle and made it to the friendly place but not before they took gunfire. Kimi took hold of Kyana and they dove to the ground where her head slammed into a rock and she died on the spot. Gunther sensed something was wrong when his love never showed up at their agreed rendezvous, and a small group of soldiers split up and ventured out into the jungle. Gunther discovered Kyana sobbing beside the body of her mother. He was ready to leave the cute girlish person when he had an astounding idea. His original intension was to marry Kimi and take her and family back to America but with her death, that dream was gone until he examined Keyano closely and realized he looked almost identical in many ways to his mother. With his flight leaving the next morning, Gunther had to move quickly. He told Kyana his plan, and she agreed to in effect become his mother. They would find a clergy at the embassy chapel, where they would take their vows and by the next evening, she would arrive as his wife in America. It was an absurd idea which could easily have Kyana deported and him facing charges by the very government he represented and yet 48-hours later, Kyana arrived in America as the wire of 50-year old Leon Gunther.
Gunther was a very private man who owned a huge home in a remote area of the state of Washington and far removed from more densely populated areas. Once they arrived at a modern-day log cabin-like home, she immediately fixed Gunther a hot meal. Up until now, she believed their relationship was strictly platonic. The tall, well-built, broad-shouldered African American man with rich dark brown skin, and sliver kinky hair which contrasted beautifully with his complexion, barely looked at her for more than a second and seemed to be all business. For several days Kyana spent alone in the house, while Gunther attended government conferences. Soon she grew lonely and depressed. She needed the warmth and comfort of a man. She missed her mother, her family, and her village.
When Gunther finally returned home, he spent the day teaching Kyana the English language. She was a fast learner, studied very hard while he was away and she was glad she could please the man who had saved her but she wanted more, so much more from him. many times, he’d drink heavily but always retired and remained all business. However, on one particular night, as they conversed, she noticed the large man’s eyes as they roamed about her body. For the first time she could feel his sex energy and she decided to seduce him.
She made a cup of tea laced with rum for Gunther as was her usual routine before he slept. She wore one of her mother’s sexy outfits she frequently wore during their sexual encounters, along with a pair of pink flip-flops, tied her into a long black hair into a pigtail, exactly the same way her mother would have done in preparation for his arrival. She painted her toe and fingernails with a pearly white polish, same as his mother. She even put on lipstick and eyeliner. When Gunther opened the door, his face froze and then suddenly he called, “Oh my god…Kimi…Kimi, it’s you, it’s really you.” He snatched Kyana into his arms and kissed her with a deep hungry passion. It was as if, the sweet, soft femininity spoke to the 50ish man in volumes. From that night on, Leon Gunther introduced young Kyana to the big black cock experience. A large muscular, and powerful black man with an equally large and powerful black cock which was much bigger than the thuggish soldiers who had their way with her years before. With the proverbial cork popped off his mental restraint, Gunther fucked his sissy with all the passion any husband would fuck his wife. Many times, she limped about the next day from her brutally invaded anal cavity, many times she hollered and begged for mercy and although she never received it, she found something sweet and satisfying just knowing her man was also satisfied with her service to him. He often said playfully his goal was to get her pregnant and over the next several years he seemed hell-bent if it didn’t occur it wouldn’t be due to lack of effort. He showered his beautiful sissy bride with expensive clothes and fine jewelry, took her to upscale restaurants, resorts, and the joys of living the American dream. Her exquisite beauty stifled any thought that she was nothing less than a gorgeously hot and sexy woman. Gunther professed his love for her yet all the while young Kyana knew that she and her loving husband were playing a game of pretending, and she played the part of her deceased mother Kimi. She often wondered if one day the illusion might fade, and perhaps she’d find someone who could love her as Kyana her true self. Nevertheless, Kyana grew to truly love her husband and began to worry when she noticed he coughed up blood. When she questioned this, he would quickly say it was something he ate, but her gut told her it might be something much worse and she was right. Six months later she sat beside her husband’s death bed. The terminal prostate cancer diagnosis could have been avoided had he only sought treatment earlier.
Kyana’s small hands were lost within the palms of the large dark vascular hands of her husband and he compassionately explained his plan for her.
“With my passing, things might get rough for you. Some of my family may challenge your share of my inheritance and if that happens you won’t be able to maintain the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to while with me. You don’t have much of a work experience and I guess that’s my fault because I got so much in love with coming home at any time and always knowing you’re there…to fuck…and to love. I really tried to protect and shelter you. I freely admit, I did a damn good job but at the expense of your independence.” He sighed deeply as he gathered strength to continue. “I have an old friend. Well, actually he’s my nephew, an ex-military man that can appreciate someone like you. Drill Daddy Katanga he’s hardcore and a no-nonsense brother with a kick-ass attitude, but if you can prove your worth to him, he’ll find you some work, protect and look out for you. I’ve made arrangements for him to take ownership of you.” He takes a moment to gather his strength as well as his thoughts. He explained to his sissy wife, about the legends of the Bitchmaker, the Black Lion Drill Daddies, who have the ability to convert a male into a female psychological which infrequently led to gender reassignment. For many years the couple had discussed Kyana’s desire to make this transition. Although she was more than ready, Leon insisted that she live as a preop trans in order to make a fully informed decision.
“Listen to me my Kyana,” It was the first time he’d uttered her real name since the time of her mother’s death. “My nephew owns a bar. It’s not much, but if you work with him, honor him, adore and worship, obey his every command, he will make your dreams, and my dream for you…come true.”
A week after Gunther’s passing, Kyana called Katanga and they agreed to meet at a hotel swimming pool. Kyana was intrigued by the request and anxiously showed at exactly the agreed time of 6:30 pm. With the late summer sun in the horizon, she waited at the restaurant at poolside. Round benches and tables made of smooth stone beneath wide colorful umbrellas, and palm trees, sat at the foot of the massive thirty-story resort hotel. Passible but only at a glance, Kyana worried what might happen if anyone were to spot the small trace of her male clitty or Adam’s apple, she wrapped a long towel tightly to her waist, then strolled about the restaurant tables and took a seat facing the pool. She ordered a Cuba strawberry daiquiri and took note of all the hot sexy people, including the many men who attempted to catch her attention, many were of different ethnic groups, most were handsome, well-built, and well-endowed from what she could see. She waited for them to give the magic word she and her new owner had agreed upon for their initial greeting and each time they failed, and she dismissed them. She took a sip from her cool beverage and nearly choked as she saw a man with walnut-colored skin, bald head, and with a hot action-figure body. Kyana’s heartrate increased rapidly as he came closer. Her head spun, and she felt lightheaded with the thought, “Could this be my new daddy?”
When their eyes locked, she felt flush and weak, “It had to be him.” She thought.
“Salamu mwanamke mzuri.” The black stud stated as he stopped in front of her table. The perplexed look on her face told him either she was extremely nervous or just didn’t know what he said, he decided to answer both questions at the same time. “That means greetings beautiful lady in Swahili.”
“Hell…hello, are you who I think you are?”
“Who do you want me to be?” The man asked.
She ignored the question and asked the agreed-upon question she learned from Gunther. “What is the pride of a Black Lion Drill Daddy?”
The handsome black man smiled slyly as he slid his hand along the obvious bulge in his swimming trunks. “He takes what he wants.”
“And what is his credo?”
“Hah, Breed ‘em, and Seed ‘em.” He replied as he squeezed his bulge as she stared down at her.
“It’s good to meet you Drill Daddy Katanga.” She stuttered nervously.
Katanga slowly walked around to the opposite side of the table and took a seat that faced her.
Kyana marveled at his wet, and highly defined body which continued to glisten in the late day sun.
“So, my uncle says you have a lot of potential. Visually, there’s no question about that, but it’s here that I’m concerned with.” He pointed to her head.
“I will do whatever you say, just as Gunther my Black Lion instructed me.”
“Nah, that’s not how it works. His ownership of you ended the moment I introduced myself. From this point on, his instructions, everything he taught you how to deal with him individually with the exception of how you greet a Bitchmaker is now obsolete. Your training begins anew with me sissy. You got that shit?”
“Yes, Drill Daddy.” She replied.
The couple made small talk, but the pretty sissy could almost see the cunning mind of the Black Lion as he sized her up. She knew it wouldn’t be long before he made his move on her.
“Are you nervous fagboi?”
“Oh,” She uttered in shock as she heard a title, she wasn’t quite sure to make of. It was far harsher than what her late husband had ever said to her.
“I can see from your facial expression you’ve never been called that before, have you?”
“No Drill Daddy, he never said things like that to me.”
“Well, you better get used to it whore, cause that’s all you’ll ever hear from me and why…cause that’s what the fuck you are punkass bitch.” Katanga snapped.
“Oh my, that’s very…strong…and so soon.” Kyana cried as her hand covered his cheek in shock.
“Come with me and take off that towel.” He ordered.
“But I’m not comfortable…”
“I didn’t say this was a fuckin debate, you ditzy bitch. I can see age and time has smoothed out the rough jagged edges on my uncle. You should know this drill by now. If you’re a sissy, then be a sissy and be proud of it. If you’re a faggot or fem or whatever, you hold your goddamn head high and represent. Fuck these people,” He waved his hands to illustrate his point as he spoke loud enough for anyone to hear. He reached out and took her hand as he continued. “I’m disappointed, my uncle said you were ready for this. I can see I’ll need to train you from scratch. Now take off that goddamn towel and follow me.
Katanga led his new sissy to the far end of the pool where there was little activity. He took a seat at the edge of the pool, with his legs immersed knee-high in the blue water, d****d the towel over his knees and down to his chins. “Go beneath the water, and kiss my feet slut, then work your way up between my legs, pull out my dick and I don’t have to tell you what to do from there.”
Without question, the petite well-tanned sissy complied, and in moments, had her new daddy’s steel hard flesh within her tight jaws.
“Say yeah pussy, you can suck some dick, ain’t no doubt in the world.” Katanga moaned as he felt the warm, moist mouth of his new sex slave. “Don’t worry about shit around you. I’m your eyes right now. It was a struggle at first for Kyana to release her fears and embarrassment in the moment, but once she did, she sucked the big hard muscle cock with a powerful urgency that made its owner’s moan deeply as his toes curled with pleasure. Kyana moaned deeply as well, each time she tasted his salty precum. Kyana tapped her fingernails lightly about his low-hanging nutsack, and along the base of the big black dick. Although Gunther’s massively thick cock never failed to please his fuck puppet, Kyana only felt him reach maximum stiffness just prior to and during ejaculation and that was with a cock-ring, while this new cock remained steel hard with or without her efforts. More and more precum filled her mouth, she could tell it wouldn’t be long before her mouth and stomach were coated with his hot white black man seeds, she felt his leg nudge against her.
“Alright, it looks like we’re gonna have company. Go below the surface, swim back to the entrance near the lockers and meet me there.
Kyana never answered, as she struggled but reincarcerated his Nubian spear but inside his swimming trunks, and then submerged herself into the water and swam away.
The walnut skinned man smiled as he made eye contact with two staff members as they closed in. He repeatedly sang ‘99-bottles on the Wall’, to lessen his major boner.
“Good evening gentlemen, how are you?” Katanga called and gave them a mocked military salute.
“Sir, that type of behavior is not tolerated in this facility. If this continues, we’ll be forced to ask you to leave.” The taller of the two men declared.
The former military man stood on his feet, and although he was still quite hard, he merely held the towel in front of his huge bulge and rolled it into a ball.
“I’ll take that under advisement, here catch, you’re gonna need it.” He shouted and tossed the towel at the staff.
The shorter man caught the towel and asked. “What’s this for?”
“For this…” The crafty black man replied as he hopped into the air and splashed down into water hard enough to splatter both men with water. He laughed loudly as he swam back toward the entrance.
He quickly climbed out the pool, took Kyana’s hand, and led her into the locker room.
Kyana stopped short of entering the men’s locker room. ‘Wait daddy, I can’t go in there.”
Her new master quickly pinched both her cheeks between his large fingers as he barked. “Listen up slut, this is my show, you do what the fuck I say, whenever the fuck I say it. Do you understand that shit hoe?”
“Yes, Drill Daddy Katanga.” She answered weakly.
“You are worthless little cock whore. I can’t believe my uncle’s training methods were so flawed with you. Don’t make me go mad daddy up in heree. Now come here, bitch.” He growled, wrapped his muscular arm around her shoulders, and led her through the men’s locker room. He chuckled as the men s**ttered about the lockers whistled and gave their shoutouts, while others simply looked on in shock.
“Let’s give these lame-ass limp dicks something to dream about.” With that said, he snatched his new Bitch in Training, into his arms and kissed her without a moment of hesitation, then slid his hand down and palmed her ass to the cheers of the crowd. He wrapped his arm around her waist as they left the room.
Katanga guided Kyana back to his room where he put her to the dick. the second the door was closed, the large black man exerted his authority, by grabbing Kyana by her neck and forced her over to the bar.
“Take out that bottle of rum, come on bitch…git to it.”
As she complied, he fired up a cannabis filled cigar. He pulled her close then snatched her around to face him. Open your mouth bitch, and if you try to push me away, I’ll throw your ass right off that fuckin balcony,” He warned and pointed toward a wall-sized window that overlooked the balcony and above poolside. He took a long deep puff on the cigar, then engulfed her lips with his lips and exhaled the potent herb into her mouth and lungs. He repeated the exercise, then snatched the bottle of rum from her hands and stated, “Keep your mouth open and drink this shit down.” He raised and dumped the equivalent of 2 shots of rum down her throat. When he finally released her, she coughed uncontrollably and staggered as her legs wobbled. Before she could recover the Black Lion spun her back to him, then wrapped flexed his baseball hard bicep into her throat.
“Check this out pussy. Your pussy must be nothing short of magical to get my uncle to abandon his Bitchmaker mandates. Then again, he was never the same after he lost his wife. So, I guess you brought him some happy moments before he died. As for you fuckdoll, I’m gonna retrain you the proper way, and if you fail me. I will fuck you up, do you understand me, bitch?”
“Ye, yes Drill Daddy!” Kyana cried.
“You better, now take your ass out on the balcony and wait for me.”
The second he released his grip; he slapped her ass and Kyana sobbed loudly as she ran out on to the balcony.
She glanced over the edge and for a moment she thought about taking her life when Katanga stepped behind her.
“So now you’re thinking about jumping huh, are you that weak and pathetic?”
“You treat me so mean; your uncle never treated me this way.”
“That’s cause your sissy pussy made him weak. He failed to train you properly and I’m about to make up for that.
“Bend over that fuckin rail right now bitch.” He barked. Once she complied, he wrapped a bungee cord around his wrist and slapped her ass vigorously until she pranced from one foot to the other. He poured and doused her ass mounds with rum, shove the bottle inside her sphincter, and fucked her with the glass receptacle slow enough to prevent it from creating a suction lock. Just when her body, began to collapse, he spread her cheeks and devoured her tight underused hole and drank her asspussy filled with rum. The brutish man never hesitated, as he pried open her hapless sissy-pussy and fucked her without mercy. He fucked her deep, long, hard, and strong then stepped away and wiped the sweat from his brow.
“So far so good faggot, but now comes the big test.” He spun her around to face him, unwrapped the bungee cord around his wrist and tied it around his waist, then lifted and placed her ass on the edge of the balcony. He kissed her deep and passionately as she wrapped her arms and legs around his muscular back. He continuously demanded her allegiance to him.
“Who owns this ass now slut?”
“You do Drill Daddy.”
“Say that shit louder.” He ordered. “Who owns this ass now bitch, is this ass my uncle’s or is this, my ass bitch?”
“It’s your ass Drill Daddy Katanga…all yours she cried.
“Say it louder bitch,” he barked and slapped her silly. He chuckled as he realized her spirit was just about broken, but he needed her to pass one last dangerous test.
He gripped her waist, aimed his fleshly weapon and drove it between her legs, and popped through her sloppy wet flesh ring. Once again, he fucked her like an a****listic brute, then ordered.
“Lean back over the rail, and if you question me, I’ll slap the shit out of you. You trust me…don’t you hoe?”
“Yes…yes, Drill…Da, Daddy!”
“Good then do it! Lean back and keep your legs up and prepare for the fucking of your life slut.”
With that said the powerhouse Nubian warrior forced his humongous black spear slowly forward and penetrated the tight anal tissue walls of the ass-pussy until it finally stretched open and accepted the dark invasion. Katanga rotated his hips, rose up on his toes, and stabbed his ebony spear various angles.
“oooOOO…ooo…oooh shit…aarrgghh shit…ohmygod.” It feels like hot steel inside me Drill Daddy!” Kyana cried as her body trembled violently.
With one hand firmly on the cord, while the other clenched and wrapped around his sissy’s neck, the proud African Lion drilled Kyana. Tears fell from her eyes; she covered her mouth as incoherent cries of ecstasy escaped periodically. Like a well-oiled machine, the big cock Nubian devastated his fuckdoll. Sweat ran profusely from his forehead, and chest and coated Kyana’s body in funky, hot man scent.
“Oh, Drill Daddy… I’m not used togettt…to getting fucked like this!”
“Well, you better get used to it pretty little faggot girl, no more romantic evenings for you. That may come down the line but right now, you need to be reintroduced to what it means to be cumdump fuckdoll for men. Now you shut the fuck up; worthless sperm drinker and take this dick, come on now…take it, take it…fuckin take it!” Katanga barked and grunted as he increased his pace and stole Kyana’s ability to speak away. “Look at you sissy with all this big black cock sliding in and out of your white-bred ass. I’m gonna breed your pretty girly ass good, pussy.”
Perhaps it was the d**gs, the alcohol or the fearful excitement of laying on the edge of a balcony of a high-rise building, Kyana’s adrenaline was energized as the steel hard flesh drill harder until it pierced her inner ring. She squealed loudly as her clitty fired rapid, streaks of her love nectar which splattered on her new daddy’s chest and chin. The sight shot a wave of hot sexual lust through the African Cockslinger as his cock twitched tightly and gushed a copious load of hot man juice inside his femboi’s hot anal cock harbor. Katanga became so lost in ecstasy that he momentarily lost his balance and Kyana’s body slid beyond the ledge. In his weakened condition and bad angle, the powerful Nubian hunk struggled furiously to regain control and stop Kyana’s fall. Katanga closed his eyes and attempted to concentrate his strength to pull his sissy back and over the railing, but his feet were unable to regain balance and faulted. When he opened his eyes, he saw Kyana’s body was now vertical to that of building and although the threat of falling to their deaths became a strong possibility, somehow seeing his sissy’s body, spread legs, small, soft, beautiful feet placed upon his hard biceps and chest sent a powerful wave of hot a****listic lust through him. His enormous cock stiffened harder than even he could remember. It was then that he found the strength. “Pay attention bitch, who’s your master…tell me now bitch or we both fall.”
“You are Drill Daddy!” She screamed.
“When I count to three, you brace your feet on my chest and thrust yourself up to me…got that bitch?” He grunted.
“Yes Daddy, please…oh god please don’t let me fall!”
“Shut the fuck up and get ready…here we go…ONE…TWO…THREEEE!”
Kyana felt the hard, hot sweat coated chest beneath her feet as she immediately flung herself upward, as Katanga yanked her up with all his might, lust, adrenaline, and power. Kyana’s body flew up, crashed into her new daddy, who lost his balance, stumbled backward and landed on his back with Kyana on top and with his cock still deeply embedded inside her anal cavity.
“Shit baby…goddamn…god…GODDAMN, oooh god dayam, Daddy’s cumin again, I’m gonna paste all this cum inside…inside…aaarrrggghhh…fuck…FUCK!” Katanga roared as he wrapped his powerful arms around his fuck muffin’s shoulder, waist, trapped her tightly, and flooded her sissy pussy with a humongous load of hot, white sperm.
They lay together for several minutes unable to speak, move, or think. Finally, Kyana sought out her master’s lips and they kissed with the deepest of passion.
“Oh god Drill Daddy…I’ve ne, never been…been fucked like that!”
Although he never told her, Katanga was equally lost in the moment, for he was unable to recall a more powerful sexual climax.
“You’re my bitch now?”
Kyana’s body trembled as her king, used his hands to wipe up the sweat, cum mixture and forced her to clean and lick his fingers. He held her down and sucked her breast nipples, and bit as well as licked her clavicle bone. Kyana sucked her African Daddy’s digits as she recited over and over, “Your bitch forever daddy…forever your Bitch,” with intense passion.
“You know slut, I can see why my Unc fell for you. There’s something extra special about you and after what did to him and myself, I do believe I’ve found a place for you.
A few weeks later, Kyana now a barmaid was summoned to work on her night off. She originally planned to do what she normally did on her days or nights off. Clean, cook, and make her daddy’s home pleasurable when he returned. She was surprised to see that while there were several cars in the parking lot, the club appeared to be closed until Katanga answered the bell and led her in.
After a quick sultry kiss, she asked. “Hey Drill Daddy, what’s up, where’s everybody?”
“I shut the club down tonight from the general public. Tonight’s is only for VIP guests.
“Really,” she asked with eyes-wide emotion. “Okay, what’s the occasion?”
“Check this out.” Katanga declared as he flicked a switch and a disco light sphere sparkled from overhead and smooth jazz music filled the air.
“Oh what, what’s this nostalgia night?” She inquired.
“Yeah, something like that. From now on every Thursday will be 1970’s night with all the music and trimmings. How you like it?”
“It’s beautiful.” She replied as she glanced about the huge dancefloor bathed in a variety of lights that flashed sporadically.
“Glad you like it, but the real reason I brought you here is that I want you to head up a class I’m starting but in order to lead this class, you gotta prove you’re at the top of your game so I brought in a couple of investors. We’ll get to that later, right now…kiss me, bitch.”
Kyana cradled her Drill Daddy’s face and they kissed with hot lust and passion. The Nubian cock drill pressmen forced his fuckdoll’s down on her knees and she took it from there. She slobbered all about the long, thick, vascular cock and forced it down her throat. Katanga face fucked her with a savage like authority and shot his cum down her throat.
“Now that, that’s out the way, Kyana, meet the sponsors of your new job.”
Through the multitude of flashing lights, Kyana’s mouth dropped as she attempted to focus on what looked like nearly two dozen naked men lined up and ready to own a piece of her. A large plume of smoke hovered about the dancefloor as many men puffed on thick cannabis-laced cigars.
“Oh, dear god…Drill Daddy, you…you can’t be serious, that’s a lot of black meat.” Kyana groaned and placed her fingers in her mouth to calm her nerves.
“Yeah, and they’re all big and horny as hell. He pulled her close and as usual, puffed on his cigar, then mouth fed her the smoke. “I’ll see you on the other side.”
“The other side of what?” Kyana screamed.
“The other side of …what’s to cum…so have fun. Now just keep sucking daddy’s dick and just go with the flow.”
In a panic, she frantically looked back on either side of her until Katanga slapped and thrusts a finger in her face.
“Eyes on me slut and keep them there. Don’t worry, daddy’s not going to let anything bad happen to you, this is all a part of becoming who you need to be.
Kyana felt hands as they roamed freely and ravaged her body. teeth firmly bit her breast nipples, mouths, tongues and lips, sucked her feet toes along with the rest of her body, as they literally bathed her in liquid lust. She felt a pair of humongous hands as they fondled and speared her anal ring, she shuttered with the thought that possibly these giant hands were accompanied by an equally giant cock. She didn’t have to wait long to find out the answer, as she felt the massive crown head as it slow and steadily pried her open. She was informed later that this was none other than the son of her original Bitchmaker. Leon Gunther Jr. was even taller and more powerfully built than his father, and although he possessed an equally giant cock like his old man, there was no periodic softness or fallout from aging. This cock was powered by youthful hot lust. The exceptionally large man destroyed the slut sissy bottom. Katanga sensed the hysteria of his cock loving white-bred fagboi and kissed her passionately to calm her down.
The b**st-like man who thrust his well over 12-inch, thick black, uncut cock roared like a wild a****l as his flesh cannon vomited a thick creamy load in Kyana’s unprotected hole. Katanga’s body shivered as he blasted a huge deposit of sperm down his sissy girl’s throat.
“Well, little doorknob, see you on the other side.” With that said, the walnut-colored man slapped her face sharply and left her to the cock hard mob. One by one, two by two, five by five, cock after cock the sex-crazed me fucked their fuckdoll savagely across the floor. Not a second went by when a cock wasn’t either crammed in her anal cavity or stuffed down her throat. She slowly understood what it meant to be turned into a cumdump slut. They fucked Kyana completely across the dance floor. Nearly an hour later, Kyana collapsed down on the shiny dance floor as a young boy no older than nineteen drilled her with extradentary sex energy. While the other men regathered their energy, this youthful Cockslinger fucked the doll mercilessly, almost ruthlessly.
“Kiss your master’s feet you worthless cumdump faggot”, Katanga barked and sneered in conquest as she immediately complied. Nevertheless, the youthful, athletically gifted teenager relentlessly fucked her wildly. Kyana thought she’d pass out, however her daddy carefully monitored her actions and slapped her sharply to keep her conscious. By the time the lean but muscular k** shot his load, he and the doll shivered at the edge of the dancefloor where her drill daddy waited with arms folded across his chest.
The rapidity of the lights that flickered like a strobe light only added to the intensity of the erotic scene.
“Having fun?” Katanga snickered deviously.
“Oh god Drill Daddy, I thought they would kill me,” Kyana whined. “They fucked the shit out of me. I didn’t think I’d make it.”
“Shit looks like I’ve given you the wrong impression sissy.” He countered as he shoved his big black Johnson down her throat. “This wasn’t a one-way ticket, this is a round trip, so…see you back where we started.”
“Huh…huh…wait…Drill Dadd……Daddy Katanga…NOOOOO!”
With the mob reenergized, the men once again took turns as they resumed their assault on the helpless body of Kyana.
The wild men honored the traditional mandate of a Bitchmaker which was only a sissy’s Bitchmaster was allowed to kiss and fuck her in the missionary position. All the same, some men fucked her up on her feet and toes, then pounded, pummeled, and drilled her until she fell down on her knees, then on her stomach and slid across the floor and left a long trailing, slimy smear of cool cum and sweat behind them. Once again, the young boy from earlier was at bat and pummeled down into her worn-out ass with all his youthful might. By the time she reached the point of origin, Kyana’s body was a shiny, wet mess drenched and bathed beneath the lights that flashed overhead. All the traumatized sissy could do was frantically reach out as she attempted to take hold of her daddy’s ankles and hoped he’d pull her off the dancefloor.
Finally, Katanga raised his dark fist in the air as he shouted. “Inatosha! (enough!). Suddenly the men all gathered themselves and without a word they stood back and encircled the dancefloor as Katanga guided his cum filled fuckdoll to the center, while he laid her on her back, raised and kissed her legs and feet. He kissed and licked her feet and toes before he drove his maximumly steely hard flesh spear between her legs. Fueled by the sights he saw earlier and his natural hot lust for his erotic energized sex slave. Katanga fucked his sissy like a crazed b**st. His steely hard member ached from each powerful pulsation and he felt each ripple of his fuckdoll’s anal cavity, and once it penetrated her inner-ring, the sex energy within the room went through the roof. The mighty big dick Black Lion Bitchmaker fucked and bucked up and down between his sissy’s legs to the cheers of the crowd. Katanga felt his jizz as it entered the base of his cock as the crowd grew more a****listic with every passing moment.
It started like a low hush tone but quickly grew louder as the powerful, sweat covered muscles of Katanga Jackhammered down into Kyana.
“Pound, pound, dick ‘em down…pound, pound, dick ‘em down…pound, pound…dick ‘em down!” soon the mob roared along with Katanga as he thrusts his legs back, planted his feet and toes firmly on the floor to gain more leverage, and relentlessly destroyed his cock whore.
“Pound, pound, dick ‘em down, pound, pound, dick ‘em down, POUND, POUND, DICK THAT BITCH DOWN!
Sounds of men screaming as they released their hot loads in the air like a 4th of July celebration.
Katanga let loose a b**stly roar as his cock hurled long, thick, streams of hot DNA rich Nubian seeds inside the sloppy wet drenched sissy pussy to the ear-shattering roar and delight of the fuck mob. Kyana’s sissy pussy clung to the powerfully rugged Nubian black cock like shrink wrap as it continuously pumped and sprayed and stretched her black cock harbor.
Several Months Later
Kyana stood in front a group of ten very pretty sissies. She glanced at the crowd and smiled confidently. Her large, well-rounded 36’ D-cup breast separated by a deep cleavage lifted the black lacy tight corset that clung to tight curved figure that expanded down to her thighs, black fishnet stockings, and 3’ open-toe see-through heels. She stopped, pivoted, and spun around as she glanced at the beautiful sissies. Then continued as she bellowed.
“Welcome to the 3rd installment of Katanga’s School for Sissies. The fact that you’re here not only says a lot about your Drill Daddies, but also a great deal about yourselves. While this is not considered a Bitchmaker class, because only a real man can make a Bitch. This is merely an accelerated course to prepare you for the full-training you’ll receive from your Black Lion Drill Daddies. Upon your completion of this course, YOU WILL. Learn the sweet spots of your man’s body along with his cock. YOU WILL fully understand the artistry of pleasures you’ll receive by bringing pleasure to your Lion and the joys of worshipping a big black cock.”
She glanced over and saw her master as he stood at the back of the club with arms folded across his large walnut colored chest. Her breath shook and for a second, she almost forgot she no longer had a boy-clitty but a small female clit after her sex reassignment surgery. A brilliantly warm smile grew on her face as she gave a slight thank you to her first husband Gunther and her new Black Lion, and champion who made her the sissy she always wanted to be. All the years of suffering she endured in her small country, the torment at the hands of the thuggish soldiers, the loss of her mother, the betrayal of her sisters, the love of a man who married her in place of her mother and brought her to the USA, and the harsh retraining she went through with her new master all seemed so clear and necessary for without these experiences, she would never have risen so high, financial prosperity within her grasp and now a well-respected legend of big black cock lore. She glanced down and saw a slight bulge in her Lion’s pants even from a distance and her mouth watered. Yet she refocused and continued her session knowing she was his black cock slave forever and for always.
Katanga’s School for Sissies