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I hear a noise, but think its just some locals and maybe we can have some fun, so we carry onKatie stripped n fucked by Greek police outdoors 5This is the point I realise that it is the police and the camera stops, caught cunt and tits out- only going to go one way, oh well……

Literally caught with my panties around my knees, tits out of my basque, a cut off denim jacket, high boots and stockings. We were in a marble quarry, taking pics of me framed against the white walls. A police car suddenly appeared, no doubt drawn by the camera flash.

The police officer motioned with a downward movement of his baton that I should remove my panties. His partner, was watching me closely as she chewed gum. Harry was just watching me. We both knew how this would end and I was up for it. I handed my panties to Harry, who scrunched them into his pocket.

The second police officer was unbuckling his belt and unzipping his flies. He was a bit paunchy, early forties, with a dark beard. He was wearing dark blue combat trousers, boots, and a lightweight zipper jacket. He was examining me, poring his eyes over my body, my tits, my pussy, my open legs, my boots, taking it all in.

The first officer rubbed his crotch, signalling that he wanted me to start playing with myself. No words, just sign language. I understood. No coercion, just recognising where the power was and he could see I wasn’t complaining. I stepped forwards, away from the quarry wall and began rubbing my pussy and playing with my nipples, switching contact between the two policemen. They would, of take their eyes off of me. Policeman no. One, Costas lets say, was talking into his radio. Theo no. two was rubbing his cock which was getting stiff.i think I knew where it was going to end up.

Harry kindly laid a towel on the ground for me to lie on, legs apart, rubbing my pussy, bastard was loving this scenario. Theo, beckoned me to stand up and moved his cock towards me. I bent over to receive it, leaving my pert ass in the air, perfectly positioned as I opened my legs to steady myself knowing that a cock would soon be sliding into my wet cunt.

I took Theo’s cock into my mouth, doing my best to give him eye contact, which was not easy. It was thick and hairy, I guess average size and not too ripe. I licked the tip, took it into my mouth and began to go down on it, helped by his thrusts as he held my shoulder and my head.

I sensed movement behind me and a hand was placed on the small of my back pinning me down as a stiff cock glided into my wet pussy. Even in my boots and heels he was tall and the angle was not perfect for him, but more than good enough for me. He began to slide in and out, slowly, thumb in my asshole. I heard another car pull up, I guessed that it was linked to the radio call.