Kelsey Shows Me How She Masturbates In The Tub
My best friend Kelsey got her boobs before I did. Last weekend we were swimming and I couldn’t stop looking at them under the cover of her bikini. She noticed and didn’t seem to mind. At one point she swam right up to me and asked me if I wanted to see them. I got really embarrassed and reminded her that her mother was right inside the house. She looked back at the large window into the kitchen, turned her back to it, got low in the water and flashed me her pert, cute little boobies right there. The golden light of the sun made the droplets of water on them sparkle. Her nipples were a pretty pink, small, and stuck out more than mine do on my still-flat chest.

“Oh my god, Kelse!” She was always like that. She beamed her defiantly mischievous smile.

“You want to touch them?” She asked. I definitely did. I put my fingers on her nipple, then cupped my hand over her breast and gave it a squeeze. I could feel the small rigid mammary under her soft skin. Her nipples stood out with small bumps all over them, pulled tight from the cool temperature of the water. It was sexy. I felt a little twinge between my legs.

“Feels nice,” she said. “You don’t have to stop.” I felt her up for a few more seconds before remembering that her mom might have been right through the window watching us. I snapped my hand back quickly.

“Scaredy,” she taunted, smiling at me. She pulled her top back up and grabbed the side of the pool, pushing her front against the pool wall. “This is nice, too.” She was rubbing back and forth across the jets under the water. I knew what she meant. I discovered that in the pool at our city’s YMCA when I took swim lessons. I would sit by the side and let the pressure of the water jet push on the front of my swim suit and just enjoy the feeling until someone called me away.

She drifted back and forth like she was swaying to some sexy song only she could hear. She is so open about her body! It’s one of the things I loved about her. Her eyes flashed towards me and I have to admit I felt a little flutter in my tummy. “What me to show you what I found that’s even better?” Like I could stop her.

She hopped out of the pool, I followed and we dried off. “Follow me,” she said, wrapping the towel around herself from her boobs down like a sleeveless trench coat. We stepped inside and found her mom in the kitchen, sure enough. Nothing about her said that she had just witnessed me groping her daughter.

“Mom, can we use the Jacuzzi?”

Her mom barely looked up from the countertop where she was slicing vegetables. “Sure, just make sure the floor is dry when you’re done. It gets a little slippery in there.