Kim's Possible

I asked tall blonde Kim Doney if she wanted to hang out with me over the weekend, she seemed uninterested but I really wanted to get to know her more. A few months later eventually her and I ended up hanging out one hot august night at The gig in River west. I put on shorts and a polo shirt and I got a text from her and I caught the 14 and got off and walked to the bar. When I got there I walked in and she looked over and saw me and came strolling over, she looked stunning in a metallic and black dress and black flip flops. Man, I always fantasized about her but I never imagined she’d want to hang out with me. I wondered about that thick ass booty under that dress“well hello there” she said as I gave her a hug.”you didn’t think i was gonna show up did you?”

“if you didn’t show up i wouldn’t be angry, its your choice” I replied”mind if i buy you a drink, whatever you want”She smiled “I’ll get a long island.”she said as she ran her fingers through her long pretty blond hair. i ordered a seven and seven.”whatever i want huh?” she asked me”yeah I’m just bein a gentleman” i replied.

We sat and talked and after having a few drinks she put her hand on my leg”hey I’m gonna go talk to the bar owner I’ll be right back.” she promised. i sat there sipping on a gin and orange juice 10 minutes later she came back to the bar.”okay just so you know i don’t want a relationship” she says.”me either kimmie,i’m not lookin for a wife or girlfriend.”I told her. “you’re such a sweet guy.”she said”wanna get outta here?”

she grabbed my hand and led me outside.”I’m gonna crash here tonight, the owner has a spare bedroom upstairs from the bar.” she says she unlocks a door and we walk up the stairs to the apartment.” so tired I’m glad i don’t have to work tomorrow.” she said we went into the apartment.”nice place.” i told her as we went into the bedroom and sat down on a bed.” remember you told me i could have anything i wanted?well I want something else.”she said.“whatever you want.” i whispered in her ear. i rubbed her thigh and she leaned over and kissed me we started making out and feeling all over each other.”get me out this dress.” she demanded i reached underneath her dress grabbed her black panties “rippin’ these fuckin panties clean off you” i muttered sternly i ripped them apart and threw them on the floor i wrestled that dress down to her ankles and put it on a dresser nearby. i got up and took off my shirt and jean shorts she lay on her back on the bed fingering herself,she looked down at my dick you’re standing at attention” she laughs.
Kim's Possible 2
I put my head down between her thighs and began flicking my tongue across her nipples and kissed her on her bellybutton she grabbed my bald head and held it as i moved my head down to her crotch i plunged my tongue in between her pussy lips and she couldn’t take it.”dude really? she winced. Kimmie turned her head to the side”ohhhh my god wtf?damn where have you been all my fucking life?”she mumbled. she covered her mouth as i worked my tongue back and forth across her pussy lips. “omi-god that’s enough I’m wet already stick it up in me” she demanded.