My phone alarm sounded, I rolled over to cancel it then sat up with a start – “G, wake up, it’s half past eight”. She groaned, then realised what the time meant. After quick showers in the en-suite we dressed in the same clothes we’d worn on the beach yesterday, collected our few possessions, crept out and quietly walked down the stairs. As we came to the hall a hearty “Morning” came from the family room. Peter sat at their table with a steaming mug, “Come and have some breakfast”. We walked into the room, feeling quite sheepish “Sorry Pete, we think we’ve outstayed your welcome, you ought to have your home back”. “Nonsense” came the reply “you’re welcome to hang around, there’s plenty of food and a cafetiere of fresh coffee just waiting to be drunk”. So we joined Peter and tucked into a ‘Full English’ as well as the delicious coffee.

As we were finishing our food Angie appeared, looking fresh and smiling broadly “ I hope you slept well”.
We nodded “Like a log, both of us”. “And how did you enjoy our playtime?”.

“Well, my balls still ache, my cock is sore and the whole thing was a huge turn-on”.
“That Symboline thing gave me huge orgasms, I think I’ll have one for Christmas, perhaps as a very early prezzie”.

Angie giggled “It’s a Sybian, but we’ve got lots of nice toys for you to try, I’ll give you a tour of our playroom after I’ve had breakfast”. So that was our quiet departure scuppered.

Peter joined in “Saints are playing at Anfield today, it’s the 3pm kick off and on Sky. Fancy watching with me S?” I beamed “Great, it’s a date”. I glanced at G, she looked distinctly unimpressed. Angie saw her reaction “Don’t worry, we will have some fun while they behave like a couple of grey teens!”

We sat chatting to our hosts while Angie had her breakfast. Finally she swigged down the last of a large mug of tea and announced it was time for our tour. Dutifully we followed her upstairs while Peter remained browsing the news on his laptop. “Over the years we’ve collected quite a lot of stuff, bought expensive equipment bit-by-bit, sometimes people leave their toys behind and many of our guests only seem to want to use their clothes once, so we clean everything thoroughly and add them to our collection. That’s how we were able to offer you so much stuff last night”.

She opened the playroom door and let us go into the room first. This was the first time I’d seen it, G only knew it as dimly lit, now it was full of light. “So you know the cock torture bench from you own experiences, no more to be said! The bed is a normal small double, the iron frame has extra bits welded on to anchor ropes and cuffs. Over here is the horse, you lie on its padded top and have your limbs shacked to the legs and your partner has full access to your sensitive bits. I love being done on this! The Andrew’s cross is fixed to the wall, the sub can be tied either way round, face to wall for punishment, face out for pleasure”.