This is not a story of v******e but a fantasy between two consenting adults.

“Fucking asshole!”, said Krissy as she slammed her car door shut. A blast of hot air poured out of the vent on the dashboard as Krissy turned on her car desperate to get away from her office and her creepy coworker with his unwanted sexual advances. The louse had forced her to work late by waiting until closing time to bring her paperwork that had to be processed and sent to corporate headquarters by the end of the day. Her skin crawled remembering the way he stared as she walked to the copy machine and made comments about her ass.

Sweat ran between her voluptuous breasts in the hot Arkansas summer, making the minimizer bra she was wearing even more uncomfortable. Frumpy conservative clothes were a necessary evil in the day-to-day rat race and she was ready to get out of them. She only had a five-minute drive to get home, but she didn’t care. She wanted relief and took her bra off and threw it in the backseat.

An hour later after a comfortable bath and three glasses of wine, Krissy was standing in her bedroom trying to decide if she should wear her comfortable cotton pajamas for the evening or the sexy satin ones. Normally she saved the sexy pajamas for her boyfriend, but he was out for the night at a trivia tournament with his friends. She was preparing to put on her old comfortable cotton pajama top, but on a whim decided she deserved to feel extra special and put on her favorite satin pajama top and her silky pink panties.

Not wanting to mess up her immaculate kitchen, Krissy had ordered delivery from her favorite gourmet restaurant. Working on her fourth glass of wine Krissy got up to answer the door for what she assumed was the delivery driver. As she pulled the door open the man on the other side rushed the door knocking Krissy to the ground slamming the door shut behind him. Dazed Krissy felt a heavy hand across her mouth and a heavy body pin her to the floor.

“Do not fight me. Do not try to hurt me. Do not even try to make a sound. If you do you will regret it, deeply,” said the man calmly and quietly. “You are going to do as I say”, the man continued. “If you do not there will be consequences and you will not like any of them. Am I clear?” The man waited for Krissy‘s response as she finally relented and made a motion of acquiescence with her hand and eyes.

The man removed his hand from her mouth and got up off of her, but before he could reach down to pick her up off the floor she exclaimed “you don’t have to do this. My husband is a cop and will be off duty any minute. You don’t want to get shot…” Krissy’s words trailed off as the man started laughing. “What is so funny?” Krissy asked. Only to be shocked by the man’s response. “Bitch I’ve been scoping you out for over a month now. You are not married and the only gun that hunk of a boyfriend has in his video games. Plus, he won’t be over tonight. I know he’s out with his friends,” said the man, destroying Krissy’s bravado and causing her breath to come rapidly. With his left hand, he yanked Krissy to her feet and with his right hand he tore open her pajama top causing all the buttons to fly across the room. Krissy tried to cover up her breasts, but stopped as the man raised his hand to strike her. “I like you topless” the man said calmly and then waited. Krissy just stood there her head hanging looking at her nakedness. “That means take off your fucking shirt!” He said this with so much venom in his voice she flinched and shrugged off the useless shirt onto the floor. The man walked slowly around Krissy taking in her nearly naked form. She quivered as his hands cupped her breasts. “I have hit the boob lottery with you,” the man said. He continued circling her like a hungry shark running his hands through her hair, down her back, and into her panties to grab her ass. Krissy felt the Man press against her from behind, place his hands first on her hips, and then slowly sliding them up her torso savoring every part of her body. She began shaking in fear as the man reached her breasts, exploring them recklessly kneading and pinching them as Krissy just stood there at attention. Her inner monologue just told her to let him have his way and hopefully he would leave soon. As the man began to pay special attention to her nipples, Krissy’s body began to betray her; she kind of enjoyed the attention. Suddenly the man grabbed her nipples firmly and begin twisting them. “Fuck”, Krissy’s inner monologue screamed at her. “A little pain is a turn on,” she thought. As Krissy began experiencing a little wetness between her legs, the man spoke softly emphasizing his words for clarity. “These tits are for my enjoyment! Your body is my playground for enjoyment. Do you understand?” Krissy just stood there in shock as the words echoed inside her head. Krissy’s silence spoke volumes to the man. Krissy was jolted back to reality as two hands clamped down hard pinching her nipples. “Do you understand?” The man repeated. Krissy in too much pain to speak nodded her head furiously hoping the man would release his crab like pincers clamped on her nipples. The pain eased as she nodded.
“You will speak only when questioned or as directed.” The man spoke flatly as if teaching a mathematics class. “You will address me as Sir, and questions will be answered as yes Sir or no Sir. I promise you do not want to say I don’t know Sir.” The lesson continued. “You will follow instructions to the letter and there are consequences for not doing so.” “What sort of consequences?” Krissy asked, noticing the change in demeanor on Sir’s face as the first word left her lips. Sir collected his thoughts for a second, and leapt into action. He was firm without being overly aggressive. Sir then grabbed Krissy by the hair and more guided then dragged her to the couch. “You spoke without being spoken to,” Sir said calmly, “suffer the consequences, and play with MY pussy.” Krissy tried to rise off the couch more as a reflex than anything. She did not want to be on her back on the couch, in such a vulnerable position, but he pushed her onto her back and waited. Krissy just lay there until Sir finally spoke. “MY pussy is not going to play with itself” Sir said. Krissy tried to rise to remove her panties and was pushed back down. “With your panties on for now”, sir said as he watched Krissy begin to rub the pink satin covering her clit. “Make my pussy wet. Make those panties wet.” said Sir as he glared down at her. Krissy rubbed her clit and even started to finger her pussy through the panties to make them as wet as demanded. Krissy closed her eyes and pretended she was alone. Krissy rubbed her clit and it actually started to feel good so she decided to be bold slid a finger under the edge of the panties and began fingering her tight wet pussy. It felt amazing and with her eyes closed she forgot about her current situation. This tactic worked and as she approached an orgasm she suddenly began moaning as she climaxed. As the orgasm subsided Krissy relaxed, but it was short-lived as she felt Sir grab her hair and jerk her face towards his nasty grimace. “Did I tell you to cum?” he asked. “No,” he responded without giving her a chance to respond, “yet you decide to go off on a wild tangent and cum. Well you like to cum so let’s go!”. Sir dragged Krissy to the bedroom where he produced some rope from one of her drawers and began tying her up.