Chapter 4: Special Day on Vacation

This story happened a few years ago in a trip to Portugal. The family of a friend owns a mansion down there and I got invited to go with my friend. The family wasn’t coming so it would just be the two of us in that big house. It wasn’t my first time going there with my friend, but the previous time the family came as well and we were younger, so I already knew what to expect from there.
Something that seemed like a fun vacation turned into an amazing vacation real quick…

My friend has a lot of family down there. Men his age mostly and friends of those as well. For our second day there my friend planned to do a BBQ and a lot of people were coming over to the mansion.
While some people were outside in the garden area where the grill and everything was, I was in the kitchen upstairs preparing some pasta. Suddenly 4 of my friends buddies came to the kitchen. I realized they’re there really quick and after turning around to see them, I’ve noticed how they were all checking me out. I was wearing short pants there, so it was easy to check out my butt and my lovely legs. They seemed to really enjoy the view of me standing there in the kitchen, and I certainly didn’t mind the looks.
I was looking outside the window to check on the others outside, they were pretty busy doing their own stuff, so I had an idea because I was extremely horny and all the looks made me even hornier. The men only understood basic English, so I couldn’t really talk too much to them but it also wasn’t needed. I looked at each one of them while biting my upper lip, they continued to stare at me until I said something they probably didn’t expect, or they wanted it to happen but never thought it would.
I said: “Wanna fuck?”
All of them nodded like crazy and I was more than ready to have 4 men all for myself. This doesn’t happen every day, so I should take my chance and enjoy it. We went to the guestroom where I was sleeping at and for a moment we just looked at each other as if we wouldn’t know how to start all this.

So I’ve decided to go on my knees in front of them, which is a clear sign and doesn’t need any talking to be understood. They all took off their pants and underwear, showing me their hard dicks. All of them were fully errect and ready for my mouth.
They all stood in front of me, holding their dicks towards my face. I immediately started sucking the first cock, taking it deep into my mouth, moving my head back and forth, faster and faster while using my tongue and lips to make him fully enjoy the sucking. With my free hands I grabbed a dick for each hand and started stroking them, I obviously want them to be staying hard.
I didn’t suck on one cock for too long though, I wanted to taste all of them and wanted to switch as often as possible. Which I did, after like 5 minutes of sucking I took the next dick into my mouth and did my job as a blowjob queen. My hands were busy, my mouth was busy, but still there was always one guy left who couldn’t get any of it, so the one waiting for a blowjob or stroking began to undress my upper half to reveal my tits. So while I was sucking cocks and jerking off even more cocks, I always had one of them to play with my tits, massage them, squeeze them, and it felt pretty good.
I continued to switch between the 4 dicks and gave each of them a real good sucking. They seemed impressed since I was able to take their entire length into my mouth without choking. Well… I’m trained, let’s keep it at that. I didn’t look at any clocks but I’m sure it was more than half an hour of just sucking cocks and jerking them off. I enjoyed this way too much. It’s already extremely hot for a girl when one guy is totally crazy about her and wants her. But when it’s 4 guys at once? Maybe I’m just a slut, but I’m sure every girl would enjoy this in some way or another.