La Campanella

25 Hours Hotel, Zürich

‘Non; Wait for me outside, Bitte.’

He does not let him inside.

He takes with him only his room key.

They Kiss; They have Sex inside the Men’s toilet, at the 25 Hours Hotel.

They get on the Tram.

They sit together; They don’t talk.

He touches his hand.


Lyric Opera, Chicago

Cio-Cio-San; Sie ist tot.

Now he is giving him a blow job, inside his car.

Noone cares about Cio-Cio-San; The Bitch is dead.

He takes out his iPhone; He makes his very short film; He does not realize what will happen next, by making this very short film, in 759 hours.

He commits suicide; Because he feels embrassed, for his Wife, and for his c***dren. He is a good Catholic, afterall. Switzerland, minus 1 conductor; He is just a [#]; He can be replaced; We are all just a [#]; We are all going to be replaced, by other people; Young people, Old people, Black people, Japanese people, White people, Pink people, Spanish people, Gay people, Bisexual people…

It is not his fault; He asked for his verbal permission; He didn’t break any laws. People need to grow up, and stop tripping over each other.

New Bodyfriend then; Life is too short; Time to move on Bitch.

Exam Room, YVR Airport

He memorized the Numbers in Chinese; He can only do it in Chinese, it is much easier; 132458679, just like a telephone number, a very unique telephone number; Now he needs to put them in the correct tiny little boxes, from the bottom to the top. The rest is a little bit more difficult; He begins with the Very Large Vigina Hole, followed by Naughty Perimeter, Saint Perimeter, White Dyke on the left side, Slutty Dyke the other; And there are 3 Power Bottoms, from left to right, 08 Years Old [Left handed], 31 Years old, 26 Years Old [Left handed], in the middle are 2 Canadian Service Roads, followed by Cargo Road and the very beautiful Compass Rose Garden; And besides the Hole is General Electric, followed by DR. STUVWY, followed by Asshole Fucking 2 Cunts, and British Columbia are in Yellow; Going back to the top is Nymphomaniac7, Queer, 2Mothers, Pacific Standard Time, Japan ABC, and last but not least, Romeo Kiss Juliet.


4 People failed.

Another test on the Canadian computer; All the answers are right in front of him; He needs to select the correct answers.


More people failed.

Apron 7, YVR Airport

He tells Mackay that he hates the snow; Him as well; He is going to Thailand, with his lover, in April.

He drives very slowly; He waits for Air New Zealand to almost disappear. There are a lot of People Inside; Waiting to move around, in Canada.

No Mistakes.

He takes the Crew Shuttle to the airport. He uses his Mastercard to buy 2 bottles of wine, from New Zealand.

He walks to the Fairmont Hotel, to have his Lunch, at 7:36PM.