Lace surprise
“Close your eyes.” Melissa says. “I have a surprise for you!” She says giggling. Andrew closes his eyes, peeking through one so he can see what Melissa is doing. Melissa jumps off the bed to get her surprise from her purse and turns around to find one of Andrew’s eyes open just a crack. She places her hands on her hips and shakes her head, “Haha, I knew I’d have to bring one of these!” she says and pulls a bandana out of her purse. She gently wraps it around Andrew’s eyes. “No peeking!” she laughs. Andrew grins at her, playfully trying to peek under the bandana. Melissa grabs her surprise from her purse and gets it ready. She then slowly crawls up onto the bed.

She begins to trace her finger around his waistline, slowly tugging down his pants. She traces her finger gently down his leg and begins kissing near his belly-button. Andrew can feel himself getting hard. He has no idea what Melissa is going to do. She kisses him down his torso, stopping just before his dick. She then begins inching her fingers up his shirt, pulling it over his head and kissing up his chest, to his ear. She then begins to fondle his earlobe with her tongue. Andrew loves it when Melissa kisses his ears. She then proceeds to kiss up the side of his neck, to his mouth, kissing him slowly and deeply. Andrew runs his hands up and down Melissa’s smooth, curvaceous body. He can feel that she’s wearing something lacey. She takes his finger and runs it along her bra-line on her boob, then down to her half naked booty. Andrew can feel that’s she’s wearing little to no underwear. He raises his eyebrows. She laughs, then kisses him again, playing with his tongue. She reaches down to feel his dick, it’s really hard. She runs her hands up and down its shaft. She’s getting really wet now. She can’t wait to see his reaction when she finishes her surprise for him. She moves her head down and runs her tongue along Andrew’s hardening dick. He exhales loudly, “Oh man.”

She kisses back down to the tip, putting his hard, hard dick in her mouth. “Oh my gosh, since I can’t see you, I can feel it like 10 times more,” Andrew says breathlessly. Melissa moves Andrew’s dick in and out between her soft, wet lips, tickling the tip with her tongue. She then strokes up Andrew’s chest, kisses him on the lips again and reaches over to turn some music on. Andrew begins to laugh. “Haha, oh boy, I get a sexy naked dance!” He says with excitement. “Haha you, bet you do,” Melissa replies laughing. She’s kind of nervous because she’s always afraid that she’s not sexy. “Haha I hope this is sexy,” Melissa laughs. “Dang, woman, you’re always sexy to me,” Andrew reassures her with a beaming smile. “Let’s see what you got!” He says. The heavy bass of Super-massive black hole by Muse comes through Andrew’s surround sound stereo. “Oh baby don’t you know I sufferrr, Oh baby can you hear me moan”