Chapter TWO
Thru the Doors of No Return

Travis and Lizzy looked at each other and nervously walked through the opening into a dark stone walled room, the wall closed automatically behind them and they stood for a few seconds in the darkness. Suddenly they could hear many footsteps scampering around the room and then twenty large candles were simultaneously lit around the perimeter of the room by people who quickly scurried away once they were lit. The young man and woman were standing in the center of the room on a raised marbled inlaid circle on the floor. They were now dressed in elegant deep purple robes trimmed in gold lace. A golden crown was embroidered upon the chest area of each of their robes. They wore mid arm length white silk shirts under their robes and black lace leggings. Upon their feet were fancy leather sandals adorned in jewels that laced up to their knees. A golden collar was around each of their necks, on the woman’s was engraved ‘QUEEN’, and on the young mans it was engraved ‘KING’.

“Hello serfs,” the young man spoke. His voice had lost some of its boyish tone and now seemed to reverberate through out the stone walled room. “My name is Jake, but until you are told otherwise you will only address me as ‘My King’.” He turned towards the young woman and continued. “And this is Tia, but she shall be addressed only as ‘My Queen’. Do you both understand?”

“Yes sir.” Travis responded. Lizzy stood mute.

“Step in front of me serf Travis.” King Jake commanded. His quiet gentle speech of earlier had been replaced with a deep tone of authority. Travis walked and stood in front of King Jake. “Lift the front of your robe serf Travis.”

Travis did as he was commanded. He stood in front of King Jake holding up his robe, his hard cock protruding outwards. King Jake raised his right hand and with the swiftness of the wind, sharply slapped Travis’s throbbing hard cock. Travis grunted and dropped his robe and fell to one knee, balancing himself with his right hand. “Oh god!” he moaned.
“Stand up serf Travis,” King Jake commanded. Travis stood. “Lift your robe again.”

With shaking hands Travis lifted the front of his robe again. King Jake raised his hand again. Travis winced and braced himself for another painful slap to his engorged penis, but the slap did not come right away.

“Do you think you just joined the military serf Travis?”

“No si…” Travis caught himself before finishing and answered correctly, “No King Jake.”

“That is better serf Travis,” King Jake scolded and then slapped his hard penis again, but this time just gently, which made it twitch and throb and almost made Travis orgasm. “You may lower your robe now.”

“Serf Lizzy,” Queen Tia spoke. “Step in front of me.” Lizzy walked and stood in front of Queen Lizzy.