This story is part of a series based on the sex life of an English teenage girl. The stories cover her many sexual encounters with men and boys.

During class Laura slyly texts her new boyfriend about what they should do for lunch. Laura’s boyfriend, feeling horny and eager, suggests that they meet in an alleyway near the school so they can make out. Laura excitedly agrees to meet him, hoping that it may lead to more.. Laura’s boyfriend shares the meeting information with his two pervy classmates and invites them along. All three boys conspire against Laura to get her naked. They all see Laura as nothing more than a sexual plaything and a easy and willing target.

Laura arrives at the alleyway shortly after twelve and walks to the end of the alley expecting to see her boyfriend alone. To Laura’s shock she see’s her boyfriend and his two mates. She is fully aware of their reputation and is dubious about their presence. Laura’s boyfriend explains that the guys wanted to meet her and would be able to provide some security, alerting them if anyone were to come along. Laura’s accepted the explanation and was persuaded to allow the two to stay and watch. Laura was also eager to start making out and then head off for something to eat so she and her boyfriend start to make out in the alley, with the two boys looking on.

After a few minutes of making out the boyfriend reaches down and starts to hold Laura’s bum cheeks. As Laura has a nice, soft and fairly big bum the boyfriend is also able to massage and caress each cheek. Laura lets out a groan of pleasure to indicate her enjoyment.

After a short time of massaging the boyfriend wants to feel Laura’s flesh in his hands. He pulls the back of Laura’s skirt up fully, ensuring his two friends get a good view of Laura’s behind, and skimpy black knickers. As he attempted to continue massaging Laura’s big bum she pulled the back of her skirt down. Slightly embarrassed that others may have seen her bum, she scolded her boyfriend and told him not to do it as the others can see. The boyfriend apologised but defended himself saying that as she has such a nice bum  he couldn’t resist. And anyway such a nice one should be shared for all to see and she shouldn’t be shy at showing it off. The boyfriend asked his two friends if they saw it and what they thought. They confirmed that they had seen it and complimented her on how nice it was. The boyfriend concluded, as they’ve seen it there’s now no point in hiding it? Laura reluctantly agreed. She lifted up the back of her skirt and allowed her boyfriend to continue playing with her bum.

After a little while Laura’s boyfriend whispered that her skirt was getting in the way of his enjoyment. Maybe she should take it off? The boys wouldn’t be able to see anymore than they had already. As he was explaining this to Laura he was already undoing her school skirt. Before she could comment it was on the floor around her ankles. Laura kicked it away as they resumed making out.