Lena 1

The weeks with Saxon had ended and he was on ship again. Preston had seen Lena do things and acting ways he never imagined, kinky, extreme, naughty, filthy, submissive and she loved it all.

Tanner had been assigned to China for 45 days helping to start up a new company Branch Office. She walked over to Preston saying, “I’m all yours for a while, what shall we do”? Her short floral print, casual sleeveless pleated Sun Dress barely reached mid thigh, swaying as she stepped. She sat side saddle on his lap as he kissed her replying “everything”. Lena grinned “that sounds interesting”. Preston hand dug under his hip then handed her a bottle of lubricant, she giggled as she covered his hand in oil then spread her thighs wide. He pressed his hand inside her, spread his fingers wide then closed them into a fist. Opening and closing them he stretched her as they kissed. In a minute, he was plunging his fist in and out of her loose asshole he smiled “I love this pussy”, Lena replied “without Tanner here, I’ll need more of this or I’ll have to break out my fuck machine”. Preston grinned “how much more”, she giggled “as much as I can get”. He pulled his fist free smiling “push it out”, Lena giggled then slowly flexed her prolapse outward 7 inches.

Preston’s wet fingers caressed then fondled it as she laid her face into his neck, pecking soft kisses and cooing. In minutes he felt her cock slowly streaming cum, then cupped it, gathering it to slather on her prolapse as he gripped it gently, sliding and pulling it. He turned his face, kissed her as he felt her cumming. They were soon in the bedroom, Lena on her back, head over the bedside as he stood face fucking her. She groveled, gagged and snorted as he drove his cock into her throat! “Fuck me”, she gasped each time he withdrew! His balls slapped her face as he thrust her pussy mouth! She grabbed his hips holding him deep in her throat as he hunched! At times she held him to near suffocation then pushed him back hissing “every part of me is pussy for you! Fuck me”! His cock spat cum as she pulled him back into her throat letting him jet into her stomach!

The next day after having fucked Lena, he viewed her in a Sports Team Dress. It clung to her body, Green with Twin Stripes down the side, mid thigh curved hem, with a Cap on her head, beneath it a Gold thong. As they got in the car she grinned, Preston smiled, “we’re going to get you fucked”. They were 10 miles from home when he pulled over and used his cell to snap a side picture of Lena, waist down. Using an app he installed from “Gurl Date” he located a nearby “cock in waiting”. He drove by the GPS location, saw a man in a “Sun Glass Hut” selling Shades then text him Lena’s picture, he answered “bring her”. All encounters were anonymous. As Lena got out of the car, the man viewed her gaped thighs then nodded “yes” as Preston walked her over. She walked behind his display case as he sat on a tall stool. Preston lifted her hem showing him her ass cheeks. Lena leaned forward as if checking the lower shelves as Preston pulled her anal band aside. The man spat into his hand then slid a finger down her cleft, probed her asshole then stood whipping out his cock. She was bent out of sight as he thrust into her! Her hands rested on her legs, as he flurried strokes into her! “Umph!…Umph!..Umphhh”, he grunted as he splashed cum inside Lena! In another minute he pulled free of her soft ass bud then sat back on his stool as she stood. The Man reached for a pair on Sun Shades, placed them on Lena and they walked away. Inside their car she giggled saying “that was surprising”, Preston replied, “just the start”!