“So,” Mark said,” I guess that you could use a glass of wine..?”
He didn´t even wait for her reply. Her name was Leona and she was 20 or 21. She had moved in a few months before. When the wife had moved out, the house was too big for him, but in stead of selling, he had rented her the two small rooms above the garage. It even had its own tiny bathroom and it had been easy to install a fridge and an electric stove too in the largest room. Campus was just 15 minutes away, even on bicycle. And Mark kind of like the idea of having a young person living in the house. But he had noticed how she often came over, whenever she was bored. This time it was a window that might/might not be a little leaking. He promised to look at it the next day, because he din´t want to put the ladder up, because it would be getting dark soon.
“Good, but not too early, because I don´t have any d****s and I like to sleep naked..”
He let this pass, people half his age did and said some many strange things. Why did he need to know that?
Besides, he rarely did anything before noon on a Sunday anyway.
Leona sat on one of the stools by the counter in the kitchen, her shortish black hair still wet from a recent shower. He had just begun to prepare his dinner, Saturday was one of the few days where he actually had time to cook, so he had a stew going, lots of meat, plenty of veggies and a bottle of cheap red, to bring extra flavour.
“Smells good..”
“Thanks, wanna eat later? I reckon it needs 2 or 3 hours…”
“Thanks, perhaps..”
She drank a little wine.
“Can I ask you a question?”
“I have a feeling that you are gonna ask it anyway..” he said, god-natured.
“Well, now that the wifie is out, what about..sex?”
He pick up the spatula he had just dropped and rinsed it, while he thought about a couple of snappy answers. He didn´t really find any.
“It´s Saturday, i´m horny, but i´m broke, so I can´t really go out…”
Mark bent down to pick up the spatula once again. When he had had her age, young women never talk like that, at least not when he was around!
“And I kind of fancy the idea of having an older man as my teacher…” she continued with innocence,” can I have a little more wine, please?”
His hand hardly shook when he poured. He was a little more than twice her age.
“Well, I don´t know, Leona, i´m old and kinky, it´ll probably be a bit too much for a girl like you” he said, without really knowing where that came from. Her eyes became narrow and her mouth formed a silent O. He knew that this probably would be a mess, since she was his tenant, but now he had said it, and it wouldn´t help regretting it. He had a hard time keeping his face straight. She was a slender young woman, with her dark, curly hair in a sloppy pony-tail that sat high on her head. She was wearing wash-faded grey sweat-pants and an old grey-and red shirt that she probably had stolen from a lover. She was wearing next to no make-up.
“OH! Do you really think so?” she asked. There was a fire in her eyes now. He waited until she held the glass to her lips again.
“Well, you don´t know about what habits the missus and I had, do you?”
She nearly spat wine out over the kitchen counter. Good, he had the equalizer…
“My last bf had a habit of coming as soon as I touched his…cock, so I am…eager to…learn from a more..experienced man…”
Or so he thought!
His habit with the missus had been in darkness and very infrequent. Not very interesting towards the end.
“Good..” he said and put the spatula away in one of the drawers. Leona had her phone out now and was checking messages or something like that. This allowed him to open the tall cabinet close to the basement door. He took something and quickly put it in his pocket. She was busy typing, as he walked over behind her, pretending to look for something on the shelve above the kitchen counter. The he took the piece of thin cloths line out of his pocket and began to tie a loop on it.
“WHAT!…” she said and then began to giggle. “I just have to make a very, quick call, because if I don´t..it is ringing…”
She held her phone to her ear and left the other hand on the counter. Looked away and tried not to smile. He heard her talk to one of her friends, telling some-one named “Stacy” that she could not meet her at the pub because she was skint, and there was tons of studying to do anyway, while Mark tied her other hand. When he had tied the last knot, she hung up and put her phone at the far end of the counter, almost out of reach. Not a small sacrifice for a woman her age.
“Oh, am I going to get tied up now?” she asked, trying to sound innocent and surprised. She was not very good at sounding either.
“Only if you don´t object…”
She giggled. That was hardly objecting. Mark went back to the cabinet and took out the roll of clothesline that had been residing there for years. She watch him silently as he cut several pieces, about the length of an arm, out of it. She was having a hard time keeping a straight face.
“But…have I not been a good tenant?”
“You have…But you just said that you wanted it to last more than a few minutes, remember?”
Leona nodded, while she drank the last wine in her glass. As soon as she had put it down, she held her hand out towards him. He tried to catch her eyes, but she wouldn´t let that happen, not now.
“Do you..have experiences in..this?” he asked slowly.
She laughed. There was a chrome tube running just under the tabletop and after a bit of hesitation, he began to tie the loose ends of the ropes around her wrists to this tube. Her hands were far apart, as if she was about to embrace some-one. Then he took one of the stools, took it to the other side of the counter and sat down, in front of her, like a bartender in front of one of the regulars, on a very, very quiet night.
“You know, if I really tried, I think I could get my hands free…”
“That is okay…This is, after all, just a game…”
She giggled again, but went silent as he reached over the table and opened the top two buttons of her shirt. A good deal of cleavage became visible. She had large breasts, but she seemed to not be wearing anything under the shirt today. Their eyes met briefly, then she looked down.
“I look so sloppy…like I just rolled out of bed…”
“You are, what, 21?..you look sexy, no matter what you do!”
He opened one more button. He had seen right, she didn´t wore a bra, or even a t-shirt. He slowly put a hand inside the shirt. Leona let out a sigh.
“How long is this gonna take?
“Don´t know…a couple of hours…Perhaps longer”
Her nipples were hardening. He opened her shirt all the way down now. Her breathing was heavier and she had her eyes closed. She twitched, when he leaned over and gently kisses her forehead.
“Sorry,” she laughed, “i am not…used to being…at the…at the mercy of a—dirty old man…”
“But…do you like it?”
“It…it is…exiting, yeah…”
Mark drank a little wine. He could not believe how it had come to this, and how easy it all had happened. For a very brief moment their eyes met, then she looked down again.
“You know, i´m…i´m not doing…this, because I want a reduced rent…
“No, there is not but…”
“Aha, you are doing this, because you are a horny slut…”
She raised her eyebrows and he could see that she was close to tell him a thing or two. She somehow managed to control her temper. He slipped off the stool and slowly walked around the counter. Even with her head pointing towards the floor, he knew that she was following his every moves. She twitched when he put his hands on her hips, just below her shirt.
“So…horny slut…
“No, don´t call me that!” she giggled. She stopped abruptly when he began to untie the string that held her sweat-pants closed. After a few seconds, she slid off the stool. Her pants slowly slid down a little. Mark quickly removed the stool.
“But..you seems like such a horny slut right now..” he said softly and kissed the side of her neck. Then his hand began to disappear down her panties. She moaned but shook her head quickly. The skin of her crouch was very smooth; it could have been many hours since she had been shaving. She let out a loud sigh and leaned a little against him.
“You like this..?” he asked softly.
“You know, my ex boyfriend would probably already be done by now….”
Then he slowly pulled her pants and panties down to her thighs. She let out a loud gasp, but it was not a protest. He took a step back, as if to admire his work. Then he opened her shirt all the way down.
“That´s probably because he had been having a hard on for hours, just thinking about your body..”
“You could do modelling, you know..”
He drank a little more wine.
“I am too short, and..
“Not for nudies…
He lifted the shirt a bit, to get a better look at her. He eyes were closed and she had her face turned away. She was also trying hard not to smile.
“I am much too shy and I would need to loose at least 10 pounds first of all…”
“You are lovely as you are..”
She was holding the edge of the table. She was also leaning over the table, just a little bit.
“Will I have to be tied up all the time, sir?” she asked. She had changed her voice, just a tiny bit. As if she wanted it to sound more innocent.
“That depends on how things turn out….”
He softly placed his hand on her butt, but she still nearly jumped.
“But…but…will I also…get spanked, sir?”
“That…is possible, “he said softly, “It depends on how you…behave…”
He was not used to be called “sir”. He began to wonder if he had bit off more than he could chew. Leona cleared her throat.
“Maybe we should have talked about how long you´re gonna keep me like this, sir”
“I think that you´re right…”
He was behind her now, had his hands on her wide hips. She leaned over the counter, just a little bit. He could see her reflection in the kitchen window. She was trying not to smile.
“How about…one hour?..”
“No!…Longer!!…Until midnight, that is the very least!
“Are you sure, Leona?”
She giggled and nodded very quickly.
“I´m sooo tired of quickies…”
Mark turned to the Stove, checked the stew and turned the burner down a tiny bit. He was not really hungry right now anyway.
“Also, I like the thought of having been…caught….by a dirty, older man..” she said, while he still had his back towards her. He made sure that the lid was on so that steam could still get out of the pot, before he turned towards her again. Leona was quick to turn her eyes away.
“I guess that you must be pretty horny too…with the wife gone and all…”
“You talk too much…”
“But it is just because I…”
“In fact,” he interrupted, raising his voice just a little,” I might have to…punish you a bit, if you keep on doing that….”
She gasped, but he thought that there also was a tiny hint of a smile on her face. He gently brushed hair away from her forehead, before walking around the kitchen counter yet again. He could see how she tried to follow him with her eyes, without making it too obvious.
“Maybe we should have talked about a stop-word or something…” he said as he put his hand on her hip, under her shirt. She made a soft, almost humming sound. He could see that she was trying not to smile.
“You know, just to make sure that we don´t…cross some lines that…
“No, I trust you, Mark” she interrupted, “besides, you have caught me, sir”
He wanted to say something about how easy it had been to do that, but didn´t, because she might get it just a bit wrong, and there was no need to ruin to atmosphere.
“And…what a fine catch this is…”
She did try to muffle the sound of her giggles, but it was not very successful. He put his other hand on her thigh, on the inside, somewhere above her knee.
“Young…tender…beautiful” he continued as he let his hand wander up the inside of the thigh. She moved a little. He was getting close. She made a tiny sound when he touched the outside of her lower lips. She shifted her weigh from one foot to the other. He could feel how she was getting impatient. Letting a fingertip slide inside her pussy would be easy.
Too easy.
Using all his mental strength, he rose and began to untie he.
“Why…have I done something wrong, sir?” she asked.
“No..you are still perfect, Leona…
“But then…why?”
She was now free of the ropes. Mark went back to the stove and added the canned tomatoes.
“Take all your clothes off…and don´t just leave them here….put them back in your room” he said with his back turned away from her. This would be the final test. If she came back naked, she would be his until midnight. She was gone several minutes. He had plenty of time to have second thoughts. Finally he began walking towards her room. She had left the door open, something she never did. He could see the mess on the floor. It seems like she had a habit of dropping her clothes on the floor when ever she took it off. She was sitting at her desk, doing her make up. She had he side towards the door. Apart from pink socks she was naked. He had known that she had large breasts, it was a thing that any man would notice. He had of cause never seen them like this, in spite of their size, they appeared very firm and very pointy; in order to get men´s attention she should try not wearing a bra now and then.
“Am I late, sir?” she asked and glanced at him quickly in one of the side mirrors.
“Ehh” he said. He had been certain that she had gotten cold feet which he would have accepted. A young woman with her looks should be able to pick a much better looking lover, even if she wanted a mature, kinky one.
“Good,” she said, searching her messy collection of lipsticks, “I must admit that I am…somewhat fascinated about the concept of having my…freedom restricted…temporarily…
Then she began to apply lipstick. She had selected a dark red, like overripe cherries. He leaned against the door jamb. He had never been in her two rooms since she had moved in. The first room, the small of the two, was dominated by her large bed, unmade, of cause and as mentioned, all kind of her clothing shattered over the floor. On her bed stand was three books. Would he be breaching her personal space if he stepped inside, to see what a young woman was reading these days?
Heck, she was the one talking about restricted freedom.
He took a few long strides and removed a red lace bra from the books. She was reading one of the books from the “50 shades” series and two books about archaeology. It was hard to picture her in dungaree, an old sweater and wellingtons digging in some remote, rural corner of the country. When he turned, to leave the room again, she caught his eyes in the mirror.
“Please don´t look in the second drawer, sir…
“Why would I…
“Please don´t, sir” she interrupted and blinked, once and very slowly. This time he got it. She had a large chest of drawer, right next to him. It was 2019, and with the internet available, most young women probably had a dildo these day. He pulled the drawer out and almost gasped. Leona had a small collection of 5 or 6, in different colours and sizes. She also had two sets of flimsy looking handcuffs. The clamps were covered in cheap imitated fur. He picked them up, took the tiny keys out and left them on the top of her chest of drawers. When he looked up, she had put her make up away, sat calmly and watched him in the mirror. She was very beautiful and in spite of her nakedness and her impressive collection of sex toys, there was an air of something innocent about her.
“Can I say something before we start?” she asked. Mark knew that she would anyway.
“Yes, Leona”
“I´ve been wanting to do this for many years..” she began and held her arms above her head. He was standing behind her now, wondering how a woman of 21 would define many years. She gasped as he slowly ran his fingers up her arms, up towards her wrists.
“But I wanted my…debut as a slave girl to be with an older, more strict man…
He slowly closed his fist around both her wrists. She gasped as he tightened his grip while she held his eyes through the mirror.
“And ideally, I would have preferred…a longer….captivity…
“It´s not yet 3 O´clock yet…We´ll evaluate at midnight…
“Tell me what I am, sir..
“You are,” he began,” you, sweet and beautiful, but also terrible naive and inexperienced…It will not be easy to…educate you properly…it may take week, months..even years…If you really want to do this, you must learn to consider your self my property…
“I understand, sir…
He could see a smile lurking on her face. He knew that he was in the deep end now. Apart from some light bondage and a little even lighter spanking, he was a novice too. She half rose from her chair, then pushed it away with her foot and then sank onto her knees on the floor in front of him. He cleared his throat.
“Taking initiatives like that, will of cause result in a fair punishment..
“Oh, i´m sorry sir”
“That will not be good enough from now on…
He let go of her wrists. Her arms was lowered very slowly. Then he dropped one of her toy-like sets of handcuffs on the floor in front of her.
“If you choose to put these on your ankles, there is absolutely no way you´ll be set free until midnight…
She gasped, then rolled down to a sitting position.
“Regardless of what you say or do…
She picked up the cuffs, the looked up at him.
“In spite of my youth and obvious inexperience I trust that you, as my current…owner and trainer will make sure I get the proper education, sir.
Now it was his turn to gasp. Was she really as inexperienced as she had said she was?
In the few months she had been living there, she had had a boyfriend sleep there perhaps 2 or 3 times. There had never been any loud sounds, apart from some music. She closed her brown eyes. He did not want to rush things. It was now she could back out. She was letting the open end of her cuffs draw invisible figures on her ankles.
“Shall I get some wine for you, Leona” he asked after what felt like several minutes. She made a squeaking sound. Then she click both cuffs on her ankles and then stretched her legs out in front of her
“It´s official” she said, her eyes still closed as she leaned back onto her elbows,” I have…submitted myself…
Her ankles were crossed. She must have been shaving her pussy the same morning.
“If you knew how i´ve longed for this…” she began, but then Mark squatted next to her a softly put his hand on her mouth.
“You talk a lot, don´t you?
She nodded and licked his fingers. Then she opened her eyes and looked at him. There was fire, not fright in them.
“Roll over…
“Yes Master” she said and rolled over, lay on her belly on the floor in front of her unmade bed. As he rose, she got up on her elbows. She had her face turned the other way, but he made sure that her sex toys rattled as he tried to find the right one for this occasion. Then he dropped to his knees next to her. She gasped as he slapped her white buttock a single time.
“I´ll bet your cunt is dripping wet, Leona…
“Yes, Master”
“Fucking you would be too easy…
He ran his fingers in between her buttocks. She gasped again as they began to circle her rear. When the weather had been warmer, she had spend most of her home time in very short, colourful shorts, almost as if she had wanted to provoke a reaction from him. He could see that how.
“Ahh” she moaned as he pressed the tip of her finger into her arse. Slowly his finger disappeared deep inside her. He could she that her forehead became a maze of deep furrows.
“You know…it is a bit late for having second thoughts now…
“I am not…ahh…regretting my current status, master…
He now had two fingers inside her rear.
“Can I say something, Master?”
“Yes, Leona….provided that you can limit your self to two or three sentences…
That made her giggle. Then she turned as much as she could and make sure that he was looking at her.
“My ex boyfriend want to do that, but I would not….Only my Master can do that…
“Do you know how…provocative you have been?…Especially in those tiny shorts you kept wearing long into the Autumn…
She giggled and turned her head away from him. Had she been trying to get a reaction from him all these weeks?
The answer was probably a yes. He could see that now. He let his fingers slip our of her.
“You know, a girl needs to be a bit more direct, especially now, in these “MeToo” times…
“Yes, Master….Ahh…
He was pressing her smooth, golden massage stick deep into her rear. Then he rose.
“Make sure it doesn´t fall out…I´ll be right back…
“Yes Master” she said, but Mark had already left her bedroom