Mister Peters came and stood at his shoulder while Devon worked the problems.  Algebra was not his strong point, but he was working hard to get the concepts straight in his head.  It was a hot day, actually one for the local records but the two slogged steadily thru the lessons.  They were at Mister Peters house, he tutored several students over the summer break for the extra money and to pass his time profitably. Peters swore under his breath, the heat was a distraction despite the central air and he was getting frustrated at the slowness which his student Devon was taking to the subject.  He gave Devon a sheet of problems to work on and decided he himself was more interested in the above ground swimming pool out back than worrying about the math work. 

     Peters looked at the clock for the umpteenth time and made up his mind, he needed a break, and maybe a beer as well.  ‘Devon my man, I think we need a break for a bit, when you finish those problems what say we go for a dip in the pool out back?  Devon looked up momentarily from his work and nodded, sounds good to me he replied.’ Oh, I don’t have  a swimsuit with me though.  Peters looked Devon over, momentarily, not a problem I’ll see if I ain’t got an extra pair of trunks around.  Peters walked out and down the hallway towards his room, hopefully he thought I’ll have something that’ll fit the boy.  Going to the closet in his room he pulled out an old suitcase he hadn’t opened since College and dumped the contents onto his bed sifting thru old clothes he found several swim suits and tossed them against the headboard, stuffed the old clothes back into the case and tossed the mess back into the closet. 

     Hey Dev he called back down he hall, you about done with those problems? ‘Yes sir, said a voice behind him so close that he jumped in surprise.  Peters smiled as Devon was standing in the bedroom doorway watching him as he was undressing to change into his swimwear.  He laughed nervously, good, we can check the problems after we take a dip.  Why don’t you see if you can get into those trunks on the bed? ‘  As he spoke Peters pulled his drawers down and chucked them onto a chair in the corner of the room.  As he reached over to get his swim trunks he saw the look on his students face, and froze.  Devon’s eyes were saucer large and staring at his teachers crotch.  Becoming aware of his teacher’s gaze, he looked up and smiled.  Peters was large, for him it was a fact of life, but others had been literally surprised when his equipment had been exposed for whatever reason.  Suddenly aware of his situation he turned himself away from Devon who looked pointedly at the trunks on the bed. 

     Dude, Devon said quietly, we’re guys, we both got the same equipment, no problem.  Peters looked over at him and mumbled, yeah, no problem.  In seconds both were in trunks though Devon was frowning down at the skimpy ‘trunks” wrapped around his waist.  Peters looked at his student, What’s wrong he asked, they to loose.  Devon looked up, no, I thought they’d be a bit bigger, with you being your size and all.  Peters laughed and told him about being on the Swimming team and all in College, and that the trunks might have belonged to someone else.  Peters looked at the trunks he had on, they seemed  a little tight.  See he said stretching the waistband, they be just a little tight and he tugged at the waistband a bit.  Peter grabbed a couple of towels as they headed outside and in no time they were splashing around like tykes at play.