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I am 5’2″ with shoulder length straight hair. My stats is 36-28- 36. I am married and this is my real life story and I am putting in form of letter since this was the way I told my husband how I had enjoyed in his absence. This was the starting of of many incidents.

Dear Jaan

It happened when we were going around and u were at Office and I had gone out. I was wearing a spaghetti strapped silver top. I am sure u remembers that top, half my breasts used to spill out. And white Capri pants. Half my legs were showing and the other half could be easily seen as the pants were slightly transparent. I wore no panties because the outline while wearing one was more obvious. It was more obvious since I was wearing my come fuck me 4 inch white heels also. Anyway we went out and I had just got my cunt waxed and it was nice and smooth and since I was wearing no panty the pants kept rubbing against my cunt and I was slightly horny. Initially everyone was having general fun and after some time every body got slightly tipsy.

Then that guy asked me for a dance. I went with him and we started dancing normally on the floor. After some time I started to feel real horny and started swaying more than usual, bending to show my cleavage. getting close to him etc. he got the hint instantly as even he was leeching at me the whole evening. As u know he had the hots for me for years. Seeing the chance so he pulled me closer to him and started to hold me and dance. he first held my shoulder sand started rubbing them while we danced. then he took me to a corner where it was dark and his back was to the rest of the crowd while I was facing them. Since he was tall and broad he almost covered me and no one could see me. He started to squeeze my butt and was damn surprised when he felt that I hadn’t worn panties. He started to talk to me saying…was I expecting to get fucked and so made it easier for the person by not wearing a panty.. He was treating me like cheap slut.

He just kept squeezing my butt and pressed his body against mine so my tits were flat against his chest and he started to talk real dirty with me. He was telling me how many times he had shagged thinking about me and whether i was horny too and wanted his dick. by now I could feel his hard on pressing against my crotch and throbbing against it. Since my cunt was waxed it felt even more sensitive to his dick. Then while still talking to me he started to grind his dick against me and started to gyrate with the music. by now i was soaking wet. and since he was still holding on to my butt and doing nothing else i took his hand and made him cup my cunt. He could feel how wet it was ‘cvos even the pants were wet. he removed his hand and smelt it and went wild. then i put my hand on his dick and started to play with it thru his pants just the way like I do it to u . he loved my touch. he said i was the horniest cunt he had ever seen and saying that he started to bite my nipples thru my top. by the end he had sucked so hard that there were wet patches on the top. he grabbed me then and took me from the floor into the men’s loo. there we shut the door and mad me kneel down.