Liliiflora has a fantasy

xX This is my own translation from German for all my non-german speaking friends. I apologize for the bad English, I still hope you like it. xX

Let me tell you a fantasy of mine… a fantasy that makes my panties wet in seconds and which I hope to experience one day in reality.

I am invited to a club as a special guest, or rather, as a toy, for the guests to play with. It is a special evening, arranged for my pleasure and for those who like to play along with me.

I made myself particularly beautiful: lingerie, hold-up nylon stockings, High Heels and very importantly: a firm leather collar. I put a lot of effort into my make-up, too – because today it is important that I look really perfect.

The evening will follow a particular choreography … I am the piece of attraction. There are several acts. It is up to the Mistress to guide me today.

Act 1.

I am led into the middle of a large room. There is an old, stained mattress on the floor; next to it is a post to which I am chained with the collar. I’m so horny; I have to start rubbing my already dripping sissy clit.

Heavy lights are shining on me, blinding me. Behind, in the shadows, I see the silhouettes of men … many, many men. They are looking at me, rubbing their cocks. I am so wet and willing right now.

The men come closer. They form a circle around me. Like a good whore I’m on my knees and begin to suck their cocks in turn. There are at least two dozen men, maybe more.

They are free to use me and to fuck my slut mouth, as deep, fast, hard and passionate as they want. Soon the juice swells from the corners of my mouth, over my lips, dripping down my chin in long foaming threads, seeping into my negligee and my nylon stockings. I am passed around in turns, hands grasping my head and my natural long hair, while cocks are gliding in and out of my mouth non-stop.

The climax of the first act comes after about half an hour. At a sign from the Domme, all the men briefly step back and position themselves in a circle around me and the mattress.

“You know what’s coming now, don’t you” the Lady tells me in a firm voice, and to the men: “You will show your appreciation to our little whore as she deserves it!”

And with that she claps her hands. The first man takes a step forward and slowly leans over me. He smiles at me, grabs me with his right hand firmly under my sticky chin, turns my head in his direction, and then says: “Here’s a gift for you, pig!”

With these words he roughly spits in my face. A hot wave of lust rushes into the middle of my body while his saliva slowly runs down my cheek. Then the next man approaches.