It was now about 4 months that Lisa and I had been going out together, I was spending more time with her when I could. On this particular Thursday I had just finished my shift at the hotel when I received a call on my new mobile/cell phone from Lisa to say that her Mum was away with her sisters for a girly day and to head down as soon as. When I arrived she gave me the most passionate kiss ever and was sucking my tongue for all it was worth. I discovered that Lisa and her cousin had been on the vodka which always made Lisa frisky. Her cousin’s boyfriend was also there. I got a cuddle from the cousin and nod from her boyfriend as they headed up the stairs. Lisa suddenly grabbed me hand and took me to her Mum’s room, where she lay on the bed beckoning me to join her, when I did she said “I want you to eat me out” meaning lick her pussy. Before I could move she had her jeans and panties as her ankles with her legs in the air waiting for my mouth to move.

When I started to lick the outer lips her clit suddenly appeared in anticipation of what was to come. I flick my tongue of the clit and Lisa started to moan. She took my head with both hands and kept me at her pussy. I quickly was licking and sucking her clit as I could feel her orgasm start, then I slowly tongued her pussy before returning to her clit. I was at this for at least 10 minutes before her orgasm finally come as I was now licking her sensitive clit. She suddenly pushed my head away as it was getting to much for her but kissed me again tasting her juices also. Lisa started to lick all her juice from my face then pushed me onto the bed. She yanked at my belt and jeans to release them then slowly kissed my cock through the material of my underwear then push then down and lick my cock. Lisa had said she didn’t luck giving blowj*bs but today she did as suddenly my cock disappeared into her mouth, I could feel her saliva coating my cock to then reappear from her mouth, she did this and twice before quickly w**king my cock, she then pulled her jersey to show her bra then shoved my cock between her cleavage in her bra and gave me a tittyf**k. When in a minute I shot a load of come up her cleavage and under her chin. She gathered up the come with her fingers and then sucked then dry. Just then we could hear her cousin and boyfriend coming down the stairs.

We smartened ourselves up for someone to say lets go down to the beach. By this time most of the families would be heading home so they would be quiet. As we got there the car park to the beach was quiet, so we all got out the car and walked along the beach. The weather was pleasant for the time of year but wasn’t exactly warm to sit to after 8 pm at night. Lisa’s cousin and boyfriend had disappear so we headed back to the car. I made sure this time that I had not left anything on before Lisa said “I want you lick me out again”. So she pushed her panties and jeans down showing her pussy as I tried to move into the passenger footwell of the car. I gained started to lick her outer lips when her clit appeared so as I sucked and licked on that I put two finger into her pussy and finger**ked her till her orgasm come. We then heard her cousin and boyfriend come back so she dressed and I got into the driver’s seat. Lisa did look a bit flushed and I think her cousin knew what had happened.